Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 594 - Bite Me If It Hurts

Chapter 594: Bite Me If It Hurts

Ling Sheng shook her head stubbornly. “It doesn’t hurt.”

Jun Shiyan smiled gently. The fire in his eyes could not be suppressed anymore, and he quickened his pace again.

When had his young lady learned how to lie?

He knew that she had said that on purpose because she didn’t want him to worry or feel sorry for her.

She had not even told him about her injury. He had heard it from someone else.

However, he did not want her to be so obedient and sensible. He wanted her to cry and smile at him without restraint.

Upon seeing him walk faster and faster, Ling Sheng really could not keep up. She could not take a single step anymore, and her soles hurt.

She was obviously the one being stubborn. Even though it hurt, she had lied and said that it did not hurt. However, when she saw his attitude, she suddenly felt extremely wronged. Her heart ached terribly. When she saw the man’s tall figure squatting on the ground, she shouted angrily, “I’m not leaving!”

Jun Shiyan stopped in his tracks and turned around. He squatted in front of her and grabbed her ankle.

Ling Sheng’s feet were retracted as he grabbed them. His big hand gently and forcefully removed her shoes. She sniffled and wanted to continue being stubborn, but her voice became muffled. “I’m really fine.”

When he saw blood oozing out of the bandages on the young lady’s feet, Jun Shiyan’s heart ached. He picked her up by the waist, and his emotions finally exploded. Even though he was angry, he still restrained himself and questioned her calmly. Every word stabbed her heart. “Do you want me to die of heartache?”

“No.” Ling Sheng hugged his waist and buried her face in his chest uncomfortably. Tears streamed down her face freely.

“Don’t cry.” Jun Shiyan’s heart ached so much that he could not breathe. His big hand gently wiped away her tears.

Ling Sheng looked at him with teary eyes and said in a hoarse voice, “It hurts.”

She did not know why, but when she saw him, she suddenly felt wronged.

“Okay.” Upon seeing the young lady cry, Jun Shiyan hugged her tightly. “I’ll take a look in the car.”

“Okay.” Actually, Ling Sheng did not feel much pain anymore. It was just that it had hurt a little after walking for a while. At that moment, even she felt very unreasonable. She hugged his neck and buried herself in his embrace.

Jun Shiyan took some medicine and gauze and bandaged her wound again. He was already regretting it. Why had he let her walk on her own? If she had not walked, her wound would not have bled again.

The young lady’s tender soles had been stabbed a few times, making him want to tear the person who had hurt her into pieces.

“How did you know?” Ling Sheng looked up, her misty eyes staring at him unblinkingly.

“If no one had told me, were you planning on keeping it from me?” Jun Shiyan let out a low sigh, his eyes full of reproach.

Ling Sheng would not dare. Even if she had not said anything, he would have discovered it, alright? She shook her head and said in a soft, hoarse voice, “No.”

Jun Shiyan’s actions were very soft, as he was afraid of hurting her. However, as he bandaged her wound, he could not help but touch it.

“It hurts.” Ling Sheng’s voice was small as she bit her lip. She was weak, pitiful, and helpless, like an abandoned kitten.

“Bite me if it hurts.” Jun Shiyan’s voice was hoarse. His eyes were lowered slightly, and his slender fingers wrapped her with gauze seriously.

Ling Sheng was an obedient child. She moved closer and bit his shoulder, her chin resting on it. “Does it hurt?”

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