Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 593 - Cute

Chapter 593: Cute

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Huo Xuanzhou knocked her head. “Who’s Huo Xuanzhou? Call me Brother.”

Ling Sheng shook her furry head and glared at him as she warned him. “If you hit me again, I’ll complain to the Third Master.”

“He has to come here first.” Huo Xuanzhou looked down on her. “We’re the ones who are family. No wonder it’s said that girls give their hearts outside their family. You haven’t even married him, yet you’re already siding with an outsider. Watch me. I’ll tell Sixth Uncle, and he’ll teach you a lesson.”

Where had Sixth Uncle gotten this precious daughter? She was too likable. Even though she sided with an outsider, he liked her. Ever since he had found out the truth, he had felt that even the words “younger sister” had become soft and adorable.

When Jun Shiyan arrived, Huo Xuanzhou and Ling Sheng had finished their dinner and were about to leave.

Ling Sheng was a strong girl who could walk on her own. Upon seeing Jun Shiyan walk over, she endured the pain in her feet as though nothing had happened and greeted him. “Third Master, how are you so fast?”

Jun Shiyan looked at the smiling young lady in front of him. His handsome face darkened as he stared at her. “Does your injury still hurt?”

Ling Sheng smiled and shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt. It’s just a small injury. It doesn’t hurt at all.”

“That’s good.” Jun Shiyan smiled. “I’m taking you to a dinner party later. I want to introduce you to a few people. Do you have time?”

“No, Ling Sheng. If you dare agree to it, I’ll tell Sixth Uncle that you and he…” Huo Xuanzhou could not get over Xu Xi’s obstruction, so he could only threaten her. “I’ll tell him you slept with him!”

Ling Sheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. She turned around and gave him a look, thinking to herself, You’re impressive. “Huo Xuanzhou, go back first. I’ll come find you tonight.”

Huo Xuanzhou was fuming. “Do you really want to leave with him? Do you know why he wants to take you with him? Ling Sheng, you scumbag. When something bad happens, you come to me, and when nothing’s wrong, you go to Jun Shiyan?”

Ling Sheng could not help but laugh. He made it sound like she was two-timing him. He looked quite aggrieved. “Didn’t you say you were meeting a beauty just now? Did I delay your date? You don’t have to care about me. Go do your own thing!”

Huo Xuanzhou was indignant.

Jun Shiyan frowned slightly, looking displeased. “Xu Xi, let Master Zhou rest his mouth.”

Before Huo Xuanzhou could react, his arm was handcuffed and his mouth was covered by a napkin. He watched as Ling Sheng left, yearning to kill her.


That scumbag Jun Shiyan had dared to treat him this way!

He should just wait and see. He would settle this score sooner or later!

That brat had forgotten about her brother now that she had a man. Did she not remember who had brought her here to eat?

Upon seeing them leave, Xu Xi took out a napkin and said earnestly, “Master Zhou, you obviously know that you’re not the Sixth Master. Why did you have to say those words and make Third Master unhappy?”

Huo Xuanzhou glared at him ferociously. “Just you wait! I’ll show him too!”

Then, he dashed out aggressively.

Jun Shiyan strode ahead.

Ling Sheng, who was following him, could clearly feel the low pressure around him. He was suppressing his emotions and getting angrier by the second.

Jun Shiyan was walking very quickly, and the ground was covered in pebbles. Out of the corner of his eye, he could clearly see the young lady trying her best to act normal as she followed him, doing everything she could to keep up with him. He felt even angrier, and his chest felt like it was about to explode.

Ling Sheng had already said that she was fine, so she had to appear fine. It did not hurt at all. However, she really could not catch up to him. Her heart ached terribly. “Third Master, can you walk slower?”

“Does your leg hurt?” Jun Shiyan smiled gently, his heart on the verge of breaking down.

No one knew how much effort he had to exert to suppress his emotions, which were about to explode. He had to suppress the urge to rush over and carry her. Hadn’t she said it didn’t hurt? Why did she have to walk slower?

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