Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 595 - See No Evil

Chapter 595: See No Evil

Jun Shiyan was amused by her small actions. He shook his head, his voice hoarse but sexy. “Don’t hide it from me again.”

“Okay!” Ling Sheng was very obedient and agreed to whatever he said. She could not change that, right?

After bandaging her wound, Jun Shiyan grabbed her shoulders with both hands and looked at her seriously. “You must tell me when you’re injured. You mustn’t worsen your injuries. I’m here.”

Ling Sheng nodded vigorously with a serious expression. She reached out and swore seriously. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Won’t do what again?” Jun Shiyan would not let her go so easily. She was so badly injured that she had actually tried to hide it from him.

“I won’t hide it from you. I will tell you.” Ling Sheng’s expression became even more serious as she continued thinking. “If I hide such a thing from you again, let me… let me die of pain.”

Jun Shiyan stared at her seriously, his voice containing some obvious anger. “If you lie again, let me die of pain.”

Xu Xi, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, did not even dare look in the rearview mirror. Oh my god, the two of you are showing off your affection. Can you not do it in front of a single man like me?

Jun Shiyan was angry. When he thought of the young lady hiding this from him, he did not want to speak.

Upon seeing that the man kept looking out of the car window, Ling Sheng crawled over and reached out to hold his face, making him turn around. She asked, “Why do you keep looking? Is it that nice?”

Jun Shiyan let out a low hum. “Yes.”

Ling Sheng sighed and looked at the petty man in front of her. She smiled obsequiously. “I’ve already apologized. I won’t do it again.”

Jun Shiyan frowned slightly but did not speak.

Ling Sheng puffed her cheeks gloomily and looked at him with her big eyes. “Are you still angry?”

Jun Shiyan nodded. Actually, he was not angry at her. He was angry that he had not protected her well. Upon seeing the young lady’s discouraged look, he said, “A little.”

When she saw the man’s pretentious appearance, a sly look appeared in Ling Sheng’s eyes. The moment she moved closer, she tickled him. Just as she started to tickle him, she laughed. “Are you still angry?”

Jun Shiyan’s lips curled up slightly in joy. He could not help but laugh when the young lady tickled him. A magnetic voice seemed to come out of his chest as he said, “Ms. Ling, are you sure you want to provoke me?”

The duo started quarreling in the car.

Ling Sheng was most afraid of being tickled. She laughed until she was out of breath as she looked at the man and pleaded. “I was wrong, Third Master. I know I was wrong. Please let me off this time. You’re a magnanimous person, so you can let anything pass.”

Xu Xi was about to die. Weren’t the two of you angry at each other and having a cold war just now? Can’t you stop? Oh my god, I feel like these public displays of affection are killing me. He hurriedly lowered the barrier in the middle. See no evil, see no evil! His heart raced!

Half an hour later, the car stopped.

Ling Sheng touched her lips, her face bitter as she pointed at the pretentious guy beside her, who was smiling at her. “It’s all your fault. It’s all your fault. How am I supposed to face others like this?”

If she had known, she would not have started it. She had screwed herself. She had only wanted to see him change his demeanor. She had not expected to suffer the most at the end of the day.

Jun Shiyan looked at her seriously and said dead earnestly, “You look very nice.”

Ling Sheng wanted to curse. What was nice about her? How was she nice? “Am I ugly?”

Jun Shiyan shook his head. “I swear on my honor that you look pretty.”

Ling Sheng did not believe him. She knocked on the partition and told Xu Xi, “Xu Xi, look. Isn’t this lipstick color ugly?”

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