Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 538 - Returning to the Capital After Wrapping Up

Chapter 538: Returning to the Capital After Wrapping Up

Jun Shiyan looked at the young lady. “What did your grandma say?”

When she’d gotten in the car, she had been extremely worried and scared. She was afraid that Huo Ci would call and punish her, so she’d kept nagging him.

“Grandma told me to be bold and do what I like without worrying about my father.” Although Ling Sheng only said that, how could she ignore her father?

However, she was sure that her father had seen the hottest topic. It had been trending for half an hour, but he had yet to call to reprimand her. She did not know if he was too angry and had yet to recover or if this meant that there was still room for negotiation.

This incident eventually eased up miraculously. The storm Ling Sheng had expected had not happened, and her father had not caused her trouble because of her relationship with Movie Queen Nangong.

In the afternoon on December 31st, Ling Sheng’s scenes officially ended.

Almost every member of the film crew came to see her off. She was a barrel of laughs in the film crew, and she had a good relationship with everyone. She could remember the names of every staff member, which was even more difficult, and she treated everyone kindly. She did not put on airs, and she got along with others.

Fang Hua hugged her. “We have agreed to meet when we get back. Don’t stand me up!”

Ling Sheng nodded and promised her. “Definitely not. I’ll pick you up at the airport when you get back to the capital. We’ll go shopping and eat. My treat.”

Chen Zhiji also went up to her to hug her. “Send us a WeChat message when you get home to tell us you’re safe!”

The sweet, adorable girl was leaving. She was a barrel of laughs in the film crew. Every time the atmosphere was stifling, she was in charge of moderating everyone’s emotions and coaxing Director Chen. After she left, how would they live on?

Gu Shen was also standing with the main cast. Since everyone had come out to see her off, it would be inappropriate for him not to come out, lest others gossiped about him.

Ling Sheng bade them farewell one by one. Fang Hua, Chen Zhiji, Sheng Xichen… When she reached him, he nodded and gave her a fake smile.

Then, she smiled and patted the shoulder of a stand-in actor beside him to cheer him up. “I wish you all the best. You’ll definitely become the most impressive stunt double in China. I believe in you.”

Gu Shen’s eyes narrowed as he choked. His eyes darkened, as he knew that he should not have come out. Look at her smiling at others like a flower. When she was in front of him, she had a perfunctory attitude! What did she mean by that?

Ling Sheng knew a lot of people. In less than a month, she had memorized the name of every member of the film crew. She could even say a few words about their preferences, dreams, and living conditions.

The farewell lasted half an hour, to the point that Chen Mo started feeling unhappy. He coughed, and everyone looked at each other and left with a smile.

The remaining people, who had yet to speak to Ling Sheng, were extremely sad. They all knew that they would not see her again after this farewell. They waved their hands vigorously at her retreating back.

When he saw her get in the car with Chen Mo, Gu Shen’s eyes darkened. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. That d*mn woman! Why had he come out to see her off? She had even stayed there for so long. She was simply wasting his precious time!

About four hours later, Gu Shen had just finished filming when he heard the few workers around him have their WeChat chime at the same time. Then, he saw them take out their phones and look at them. They were excitedly chatting.

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