Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 537 - A Bystander Is Always Clear-Minded

Chapter 537: A Bystander Is Always Clear-Minded

Su Xiyin said, “Okay, okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. Ci Er was a scumbag back then. Otherwise… Sigh!”

Huo Xiao said, “How dare he rebel? I should have slapped him to death!”

Su Xiyin said, “I’ll call Sheng Sheng.”

When Ling Sheng received Su Xiyin’s call, she had just parted ways with Nangong Lengyu. Her idol had been picked up by the gentleman she had seen the other day, and she was in the Third Master’s car. “Grandma, why aren’t you asleep?”

“Did your father call you?” Su Xiyin asked.

That scumbag Ci Er better not cause Sheng Sheng trouble again, or he would definitely get a scolding if he called.

Ling Sheng shook her head. “No, did you see the hottest topics?”

Su Xiyin said, “Sheng Sheng, you know about her and your father. Your father used to have a relationship with her. Grandma didn’t stop you from being friends with her, but you have to be careful. Does she know about your identity?”

Back then, Ci Er and Yu’er had fallen out completely because of the child. She did not know how hard the two of them had quarreled, but when she’d found out about the estrangement, their relationship had been extremely tense.

When everything had been turned upside down, Yu Er had gotten pregnant. No one had told her the specifics. She just knew that by the time Ci Er had gone to the hospital to catch her, it had been too late. She had already miscarried.

Later, Yu Er had gone overseas and never returned. Ci Er had been alone for many years and had not found another girlfriend.

“I told her he was my uncle.” Ling Sheng did not dare say he was her father. Otherwise, things would be over between the two of them.

She had a feeling that the two of them had definitely broken up due to various messy misunderstandings. Perhaps they would have a chance to be together after the misunderstandings were resolved.

Her father had not been with a woman in years, and he had kept a photo of the Best Actress. The Best Actress had had many rumored boyfriends in the past few years, but none of them had been real.

The two of them still had each other in their hearts, so she really could not think of any other reason for them to stay in this state.

“She…” Su Xiyin paused before asking, “Is she doing well?”

Back then, the two families had talked about marriage. The young lady had come all the way to the capital. When he hadn’t yet known who she was, Ci Er had actually been a little fond of her.

However, he had been going through his rebellious phase at the time. He had been born with a rebellious nature, so he liked to oppose his family. When he had found out that she had been chosen by his family to be his wife, he had felt like everyone had lied to him, so he had been unhappy. Back then, she and her grandfather had been unable to take it anymore and had wanted to slap him to death.

Speaking of that, the person who had suffered the most was the lady. She had let him down. She had not taught her son well, and he had become too arrogant and spoiled. He had developed a lawless personality. If he had restrained himself or had a better personality, things would not have ended up like this.

Ling Sheng nodded. “Yes, she’s quite well. Grandma, if you don’t want me to, I won’t interact with her again. I don’t want to anger my father.”

Su Xiyin said, “No, why would I not want that? Don’t think too much. Don’t worry about your father. He’s a scumbag.”

There was no need to implicate the younger generation for the grudges of the previous generation. She knew that the Lu Family’s Fifth Brother and the others were still acquainted with Yu-er. The eldest son of the Rong Family was even more understanding. They were all bystanders who saw things clearly. This meant that the past incident had only been a result of the two parties involved being too obsessed.

After Ling Sheng spoke to her grandma, she felt a little relieved. She was touched. Her grandma was understanding and had a nice personality. Why couldn’t her father have her personality?

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