Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 536 - He Deserved To Be Single

Chapter 536: He Deserved To Be Single

Ten-Year Jade Light was a fashionable socialite who had a personal fashion design brand. Its market value had been estimated last month to be more than 100 million yuan. She had originally been the site administrator of the only Nangong Lengyu fansite in China, [Yu Rules the World]. She was rich, so she was followed wherever she went. She fought in the front lines and brought first-hand videos, photos, and news to her brothers and sisters, who were waiting for news of their idol.

If one were to trace this group of people back, they would definitely be the earliest example of international celebrity fans. This was mainly because Nangong Lengyu was not active domestically.

Therefore, the fans called themselves Cold Palace Fans that had been sent to the Cold Palace by their idol. No matter how passionately they’d called for her, she had not come to China even once.

However, her fans still liked her without reservations. No matter where she went, she would not forget China or her fans. When she gave thank-you speeches, she would thank them. Whenever she was on a show, she would mention them.

She had grown up overseas and had been a citizen of M Nation since she was young. Later, when she had entered Hollywood, she had resolutely changed back to her Chinese citizenship and gone to Hollywood with the identity of a Chinese woman. No matter where she was or what she said, the first thing she mentioned when she introduced herself was always her pride. She was Nangong Lengyu from China.

Ever since she had left the entertainment circle, this group of people had been living a peaceful life and doing whatever they needed to do. They were successful people in the eyes of others. They were idols with successful careers, beautiful families, wealth, and good looks. People had never seen them chase after other celebrities. Now, all their fans erupted.

Dedicated people scrolled down the comments section and realized that many celebrities in the entertainment circle were her fans.

It was a big deal to see their own idols chasing a celebrity.

This was the ideal situation for fans and idols: If the idol was there, they would follow them forever. If the idol left, they would wish them well.

“We traveled through storms and forged together all the way. In the end, we all grew up to be what we liked. We can proudly say that we are Nangong Lengyu’s fans. Our idol is the most impressive person in China.”

Ling Sheng’s Weibo private messages had already exploded. The messages were all from Nangong Lengyu’s fans, who were asking her where their idol was!

When Nangong Lengyu saw the comments on Weibo, her eyes teared up instantly. Back then, she had not been to China. This had always been her biggest regret.

In order to let them spend the least money to see her, she had arranged for her farewell concert to be held in the neighboring country, R Nation. She had not expected that ten years would pass in the blink of an eye.

The youths who had followed her all over the world over the years had become so impressive that she could only say out loud, “My fans are my pride.”

The Weibo trending topics had gone viral. Middle-aged people who didn’t seem to have any interest in celebrities, to the point that they were considered old-fashioned by their children, went to register or restore the Weibo accounts they had abandoned to support their idol.

Who said they do not know who Nangong Lengyu is? Who? Was it you? If a video was edited, hype would be created and the topic would go up the rankings. Even middle-aged people could be motivated to chase celebrities.

Since everyone knew this, so did Ling Sheng’s family.

Upon seeing the hottest topic, Su Xiyin nudged Huo Xiao, who was sitting beside her. “Hubby, why is Sheng Sheng with her? Ci Er will rebel if he sees this!”

Huo Xiao’s face was ashen as he gritted his teeth. “How dare he? When I finally found a wife for him, he ruined it himself. He deserves to still be single!”

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