Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 535 - In Her Life

Chapter 535: In Her Life

After the young lady posted on her WeChat Moments, some family members liked her post and commented on it.

Second Uncle: Where are you? Hurry up and state your location! Where are you?

Young Lady: Eating.

Second Uncle: What friend? That’s Nangong Lengyu, alright? She’s my goddess!

Young Lady: ?

Aunt: Sigh… Children nowadays are still young. When she got popular, you were still breastfeeding in your mother’s embrace! Hurry up and get an autograph for your aunt. Has she left?

When the young lady looked over, there was no one at the window. She was gone. When she searched on Baidu and saw the Queen’s information, she could only use one word to express her shock: Impressive!

Wuwuwu, was there still room for regret? Could she turn back time? Why had she not known that there was such an impressive international superstar in China? She was a Hollywood Best Actress!

Ling Sheng had not expected that one day, she would be on the hottest searches with Movie Queen Nangong. Her fan had taken a photo and posted it to the fan club. Together with the other Peanuts, they sucked on her luck as though it was sustenance.

Then, she posted it as a Super Topic and excitedly described how she had felt when she’d met their beloved idol. She described how she looked and talked at close range.

Later, when the photo was reposted by a big senior in the film industry, it exploded on the hottest searches.

#Nangong Lengyu & Ling Sheng#

[Who’s Nangong Lengyu? Is she impressive? Why don’t I know her? I only know Gao Yu.]

[Child, you’re still too young. When Nangong Lengyu became famous, Gao Yu was still wearing diapers.]

[Am I the only Cold Palace[1] fan who’s still on Weibo? Ladies, answer me. Our Nangong has already reached a pathetic state if no one can recognize her on the trending searches. Aren’t you embarrassed just watching from the sidelines?]

[Sigh, I’m too old to move. I searched for 10 minutes before I found my Weibo account. Am I late? What do you need me to do?]

[I’m crying. I can’t believe I’m seeing my goddess trending on Weibo. I’m kneeling.]

[It’s been 10 years. It’s been 10 whole years. I’ve finally seen her again. I just want to know if there are any more Cold Palace fans.]

[What kind of treasure is Ling Sheng? Not only is she on the hottest searches every day with Best Actor Huo Ci, but she’s also on the hottest searches with Best Actress Nangong. Am I the only one who wants to know what her relationship with the Best Actress is?]

[Ten-Year Jade Light: Sisters, let’s push our glorious achievements to the trending topics and show these junior fans what a real international superstar is like (Results.JPG).]

[Lin MiaoV: What a familiar name. Sister Jade Light, long time no see.]

[OrangeV: Sister, the site has been shut down for 10 years. I’ve missed you a lot.]

[So Poor I Only Have Money Left: Do you want to launch a site again? Do you want to launch a site? If you want to launch a site, come to me for money!]

[Mere Designer WaterV: From what I can see in your eyes, I can confidently confirm that the person above is a big boss. This small shrimp is trembling. Do you need a page designer? Do you need site maintenance?]

[A Door: I’ll ask too. Code monkey here at your service. Leave the website’s programming to me. I guarantee the page will be high-end.]

The comments on this topic were actually quite normal. When she looked at the comments below, she realized that all of them were verified accounts with hundreds or even tens of millions of fans. There were elites from various fields. She would not have known if she had not seen them, but she was shocked when she saw them. They were all top figures in the industry.

Mere Designer? He was the creative director of a top 4A (American Association of Advertising Agencies) advertising company in the country.

Code monkey? He was the CEO of a famous e-commerce group in the country. He wasn’t wrong. He had indeed been a programmer previously.

As for the poor person who only had money? Very soon, his identity was dug out. He was the boss of a well-known coffee chain. He was rich—very rich.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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