Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 534 - Born On The Same Day

Chapter 534: Born On The Same Day

“Sister Yu, you’re really nice.” Ling Sheng’s eyes were red with gratitude, and her heart felt warm. Oh no, she felt like she was about to fall for her. What if she liked the Best Actress too much?

“Little Sheng Sheng, you are a sweet talker.” Nangong Lengyu smiled as she hugged her. She could not help but rub her tender face affectionately.

She was actually a person who warmed up to others slowly, but for some reason, when she had seen her, she had felt as though she had known her for a long time. It was only right that the two of them had a close, natural relationship.

She knew that Sheng Sheng felt the same way. It was magical.

Since Ling Sheng was with Nangong Lengyu, she did not dare video call her father and grandparents anymore. She borrowed Xiaoqi’s form teacher’s phone and chatted with him for a while before hanging up when he entered the backstage area to change.

“Ah Yan told you everything.” Nangong Lengyu looked at her and could not help but sigh. “If my Little Xingxing was still alive, she would definitely have been as adorable as you. Your birthday is on the same day as hers.”

Perhaps this was fate. They had been born on the same day, month, and year. Now, she had become Little Xingxing’s brand ambassador. She did not like to be in contact with people close to Huo Ci, but she did not reject her.

“Little Xingxing will definitely be very happy in heaven. So many people remember her and miss her.” Ling Sheng was a little sad. She was usually sharp-tongued, but she did not know how to comfort others.

“Yes, let’s order. I’ll leave it to you, Gourmet.” Nangong Lengyu only wanted to inform her without deliberately mentioning the past, lest she felt uncomfortable.

She had already gotten over it. Little Xingxing was a blissful existence to her. When she was mentioned, she felt blissful nostalgia.

“I’ll do it.” Ling Sheng met her eyes, and the duo smiled.

She thought that if Little Xingxing was still alive, she would definitely have been as beautiful, carefree, and interesting as Sister Yu!

The duo had just finished dinner and was about to leave when a young girl who looked like a high school student ran over after hesitating for a long time. She looked at Ling Sheng excitedly. “Sister Sheng Sheng, I’m a Peanut. I like you a lot. Can you give me an autograph?”

The young lady was very nervous. One could tell that she had tried to recite this passage countless times before saying it. She did not even pant when she spoke.

“Okay.” Ling Sheng smiled and nodded before looking at her. “Where do you want me to sign?”

The young lady hurriedly passed her a notebook and a pen. “This will do. Sister Sheng Sheng, you’re really nice. You look better in person than on television.”

Ling Sheng said, “Thank you.”

“Do you want me to give you an autograph?” Nangong Lengyu asked with a smile.

The young lady took a look at her, not knowing who she was. She waved her hand in embarrassment and explained politely, “It’s alright, Sister. I’m a Peanut.”

Ling Sheng gave her an autograph and took a photo with her. Upon seeing Nangong Lengyu’s good looks and queen-like aura, the young lady deliberately asked her to take a photo with her.

Nangong Lengyu did not refuse. Sometimes, she had to admit that she was old. The fans who recognized her were all old. Some of them might have already started taking care of their grandchildren.

Sheng Sheng’s fans should be young children. The girl in front of her was only a high school student. It was good to be young!

After thanking her profusely, the young lady left happily with her autograph and photo. When she reached her seat, she posted excitedly on her WeChat Moments: Ahhh, I got lucky today. I met my Sheng Sheng. She’s really pretty and gentle in person. I love her. I also saw her friend. She’s valiant and beautiful. She has the aura of a queen!

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