Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 533 - Admiration and Like

Chapter 533: Admiration and Like

Ling Sheng did not see her father, as they had brushed past each other too quickly. However, she knew that her father and grandparents would cheer Xiaoqi on.

Xiaoqi’s team was performing Snow White. He was the little prince. The little princess was not Mo Mo, who had a good relationship with him and was in the same class. It was another very pretty young lady.

When the play ended, all the children held hands and bowed before the audience. Then, they did not return backstage and left the stage to find their parents instead.

Xiaoqi ran toward Huo Ci and the others, begging for praise excitedly. “Great Uncle, Great Uncle, did I perform well?”

The video was a mess. The children had all left the stage, and the form teacher wanted to watch them. She told Ling Sheng to hang up the video call and contact her later.

The video then ended.

Nangong Lengyu looked at Ling Sheng and asked with a smile, “Sheng Sheng, isn’t Huo Ci your boss?”

Ling Sheng looked at her apologetically and let out a low cough. She forced herself to explain. “Sister Yu, he’s my boss and distant uncle.”

She did not know what to do. If Movie Queen Nangong reconciled with her father in the future, should she call her Mother or Auntie?

Now that she was calling her Sister, the seniority made her feel conflicted.

“Then what about Xiaoqi?” Nangong Lengyu wanted to know whose child Xiaoqi was.

“He’s not the Third Master’s.” Ling Sheng did not know what to say. When she said this, her mood worsened. She paused for a moment and organized her words before saying in a hoarse voice, “Xiaoqi is not the Third Master’s child. He’s my son.”

Nangong Lengyu hugged her lovingly and patted her back comfortingly. Then, she felt her shoulders tremble as she cried softly in her embrace.

Ling Sheng did not know why she was crying. The moment she was hugged, she felt as warm as though she had a mother, and this feeling forced out the weakest emotions in her heart.

“It’s alright. It’s all in the past.” Nangong Lengyu comforted her softly. She did not know what had happened to her, but she knew very well that it was definitely not a pleasant matter. She must have suffered terribly.

Ling Sheng moved away from her embrace in embarrassment and wiped her tears with a tissue before smiling at her. “I’m fine. I’m fine now.”

The past was in the past. She was living a good life now, and she was very happy. It was just that it was very sad when she thought about it occasionally. Sometimes, memories could not be controlled as one pleased and they would not stay forever covered in dust.

“Ah Yan…” Nangong Lengyu had experienced this before. Although her experience might be different, she knew that she could empathize with her. She thus comforted her. “He’ll be a good husband and father.”

Since Ah Yan had already accepted Sheng Sheng, he would definitely dote on her and love her well. He would save her from torment and homelessness and make her happy. He would also treat Xiaoqi as though he was his biological son.

So what if a woman had given birth before? If she had met a scumbag in the past, she could just kick him out of her life. The person who was the most important in her life and loved her would not mind about her past and would give her a good future.

“Sister Yu, do you not mind about my relationship with Huo Ci?” Ling Sheng looked at her carefully before daring to ask this question.

Upon seeing her expression, Nangong Lengyu knew what that brat, Ah Yan, had told her. She shook her head. “You’re you, and Huo Ci is Huo Ci. Why should I give up someone I like because of him?”

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