Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 532 - Huo Ci! Did He Have A Child?

Chapter 532: Huo Ci! Did He Have A Child?

Nangong Lengyu looked at her smug face. She was too adorable. She could not help but want to go up to her and kiss her.

The duo shopped and snacked. In the end, they chose to eat at a local cuisine restaurant. Ling Sheng checked the gourmet map guide and found that this restaurant had a good reputation.

At six o’clock in the evening, it was time for Xiaoqi’s kindergarten Christmas stage performance. Since she could not go back, she had discussed it with Xiaoqi’s form teacher and asked if she could live-stream it for her.

When the video call came, Ling Sheng and Nangong Lengyu had just entered the restaurant and taken a seat. It was very quiet by the window.

“Who’s that? Ah Yan?” Nangong Lengyu approached curiously and saw a girl’s face.

“Xiaoqi’s mother.” The form teacher greeted her with a smile. “It’s about to start. Xiaoqi is preparing backstage. Do you want to talk to him?”

Then, she turned the camera. The children and teachers were busy putting on makeup and changing clothes. Xiaoqi was helping a young boy tie his bow tie.

“What a cute kid. Who’s Xiaoqi’s mother?” Before Nangong Lengyu could finish her question, she turned to look at Ling Sheng in shock.

Xiaoqi’s mother was Sheng Sheng?

Sheng Sheng was already a mother?

How old was she? Was the child… Ah Yan’s?

When had this happened? Why had she not heard anything?

Ah Yan was a scumbag. Why had he not told them about such a big thing?

Upon seeing her son take the phone and reveal his handsome face, Ling Sheng introduced him with a smile. “Sister Yu, this is my son, Ling Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi, let me introduce you to a pretty auntie.”

Nangong Lengyu could not keep her face straight anymore. Her ability to accept things was a little slow. She could not even believe that she had given birth, let alone that her kid was already in kindergarten. She greeted the handsome child. “Hi, Xiaoqi.”

“Hi, Auntie.” Xiaoqi blinked and looked at the pretty auntie on the screen. She was really pretty, and her smile was very warm. She looked like his grandma!

Nangong Lengyu looked at the adorable child and her heart melted. He was too adorable and sensible. She wanted to hug him. Although she was very happy, her nose suddenly felt a little sore. She smiled and greeted him again. “Hi, Xiaoqi.”

This was Xiaoqi’s first performance. His grandpa, great-grandpa, and great-grandmother were cheering him on from below the stage. He was excited and agitated as he introduced the character he would be portraying to Ling Sheng and the other lady. He even introduced some other characters.

Nangong Lengyu had always liked children, but this was the first time she had liked a child so much. Her heart was captured by him, and the familiar feeling moved her.

Xiaoqi waved his hand reluctantly. “Mommy, Auntie Yu, I’m about to go on stage. Can I video call you when I get down?”

The child’s last sentence was uttered carefully, his big eyes full of anticipation and excitement.

Ling Sheng had yet to speak.

Meanwhile, Nangong Lengyu nodded. “Yes, you can. When you go on the stage later, we’ll cheer you on. Baby, you can do it!”

Xiaoqi smiled and nodded vigorously. “I will work hard!”

While the duo watched Xiaoqi’s performance, they forgot to order food. As the form teacher was recording the performance, she accidentally scanned the audience.

A familiar figure flashed past. He was wearing a mask, sunglasses, and a hat.

Nangong Lengyu’s eyes constricted. Huo Ci!

What was he doing in kindergarten?

Did he have a child?

Had he gone to watch the child’s performance?

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