Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 531 - So Cute and Adorable

Chapter 531: So Cute and Adorable

No matter how old a woman was, she would always like to shop. Ling Sheng’s card contained the one million yuan of pocket money her father had given her, as well as the 500,000 yuan her grandpa had given her before she had left. When she went on a shopping spree, she felt relieved and unrestrained.

Nangong Lengyu was the empress who stood at the apex of the fashion circle. When she picked up clothes, her taste was precise and picky. After shopping at a few luxurious shops, not a single thing had caught her eye.

She had eaten a lot. After all, the delicacies in China were definitely impressive. She had not stepped into her hometown for more than 20 years, so no matter how much she ate, she felt unsatisfied.

M City was neither big nor small, and it was not a very prosperous city. It was a coastal city with a developed tourist industry.

Although Nangong Lengyu had retired from the entertainment circle ten years ago, she had once been the white moonlight in the hearts of countless youths. Now that the youths had grown up and become parents, they could still recognize the idol they had once admired.

After shopping for ten minutes, she met more than ten fans who asked her for autographs and photos. They were all over 30 years old.

Ling Sheng dragged her to buy sunglasses. Nangong Lengyu chose two similar ones, and the duo put them on. After getting the same pair of sunglasses, they wanted to get matching clothes, so they went to the luxury shop next door and picked up two sets of acceptable clothes.

Nangong Lengyu was 1.70 meters tall, while Ling Sheng was 1.65 meters tall. In order to be as tall as her, she changed into a pair of flat shoes and bought Ling Sheng a pair of high heels.

“Sister Yu, I can’t wear high heels like that.” When Ling Sheng saw the thin heels, she rejected the idea forcefully. She was a useless person. If she wore high heels, she would fall.

Besides, she would get exhausted if she shopped while wearing high heels.

Nangong Lengyu squatted beside her and gestured at her shoes with a frown. “But this is the only thing that looks nice. Sheng Sheng, you have to learn how to wear high heels. In the future, when you walk on the red carpet, you can’t wear your ugly platform shoes. That’s too degrading. You have to start practicing now.”

Ling Sheng thought, Your words make sense, but I don’t want to practice. She looked at her, feeling aggrieved. “Can I not wear them?”

Nangong Lengyu shook her head and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m here. I won’t let you fall.”

She liked the young lady in front of her no matter how she looked at her. She wished she could keep her by her side. If her Little Xingxing had still been around, she would definitely have been as pretty and adorable as her.

The shop assistants could not take their eyes off the duo. Were they sisters? Or were they mother and daughter?

Their side profiles seemed to allude to that. They were both so beautiful. The older lady was like a queen, and the young girl was like her little princess. She was so cute and adorable as she wheedled!

In the end, Ling Sheng put on the high heels. Nangong Lengyu supported her from the side, afraid that she would fall. She was not used to wearing high heels. The ground in the mall was shiny and slippery. Someone without the ability to control their body would definitely not be used to walking.

Ling Sheng was a foodie. As long as she said something was delicious, there could be no mistake about it.

After walking around the food section, Nangong Lengyu looked at her in amazement. “Sheng Sheng, have you been here before? Have you eaten here?”

She had not listened to such advice in the past and had chosen a few snacks. They had not been delicious, so she had thrown them away in the end. As for what Sheng Sheng recommended, it would certainly be delicious.

Ling Sheng smiled arrogantly. “I have the standards of a national chef. I know what’s good and what’s not.”

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