Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 530 - Alone

Chapter 530: Alone

When she heard his low, pleasant voice, Ling Sheng’s heart skipped a beat. Her face burned as she shook her head hurriedly. “No, you’ll wait until next time.”

“Next time…” Jun Shiyan bent down beside her ear and let out a breath. “When will that be?”

Ling Sheng felt numb and itchy. She let out a snort and smiled. “That will depend on my mood.”

Jun Shiyan regretted agreeing to let the two women meet on Christmas Day. This was supposed to be his date.

“Ah Yan, go back. I’ll go shopping with Sheng Sheng.” Nangong Lengyu chased him away. A man shopping with girls? You aren’t welcome here!

“Sister Yu, I can carry your bags.” Jun Shiyan smiled. He had long regretted his humble request.

He had thought of this long ago and had planned to let Sister Yu meet Sheng Sheng first. Then, he would take Sheng Sheng to eat, watch a movie with her, shop with her, and have a sweet date with her.

“Why are you following us? Do you know how troublesome men are?” Nangong Lengyu gave him a disdainful look and ignored the obvious hint in his eyes. “With you around, we won’t have a good time shopping.”

Jun Shiyan felt that this might have been an unlucky year. Not only had Brother Mo been causing trouble, but Sister Yu also wanted to ruin his plan. In a low voice, he asked, “Don’t you want to accompany Steven in M City on Christmas Eve?”

Nangong Lengyu smiled. “I just called him and told him to shop by himself. By the way, why don’t you accompany him?”

“Sheng Sheng.” Jun Shiyan’s handsome face darkened, and he could only look at the young lady pleadingly.

Why would a man like him, who had a girlfriend, go shopping with a man?

“Third Master, you don’t know this, but girls don’t like men joining them when they shop. Girls have a lot of secret stuff to talk about.” Ling Sheng knew that he was reluctant. Despite being a man who never liked to show his feelings, he now had a pitiful, unhappy expression on his face.

Oh no, he had obviously been abandoned. He was very pitiful, but she really wanted to laugh.

“I won’t stop you from chatting and whispering.” Jun Shiyan did not know when his status had started to wane.

Huo Ci was alright. Initially, he had not had a good relationship with him. It was normal for him to want to protect his daughter and hate him. He could understand that. In the future, when he and Sheng Sheng had a daughter, if his archenemy wanted to woo his precious daughter, he would definitely go more overboard than Huo Ci.

However, what was wrong with Sister Yu and Brother Mo? The two of them should have been on his side. Now, things had changed.

In the end, his objection was overruled.

He could not say anything.

Nangong Lengyu took Ling Sheng away directly and waved at Jun Shiyan with a smile. “If you’re bored, don’t wait in the car. Take a walk by yourself. Christmas is a very lively time of the year!”

Jun Shiyan held his breath. He knew that it was lively, so there was no need to remind him.

Ling Sheng waved at him, looking reluctant. However, her big eyes were full of excitement. “Third Master, I’m leaving.”

Jun Shiyan forced a smile and waved his hand. “Have fun.”

Xu Xi stood behind him and sympathized with the Third Master. He had come up with a strategy to have fun with Ms. Ling, but his girlfriend had suddenly been taken away, leaving him alone.

A gust of wind blew, cold and chilly. Two leaves flew past his head, making him look even more pathetic from the back.

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