Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 539 - Grew Up Eating Cuteness

Chapter 539: Grew Up Eating Cuteness

“She’s home. She’s home. How adorable!”

“Ha ha ha! Did she deliberately change her style to record a peaceful video for us?”

“She has too many tricks up her sleeves. When can we work together again? Oh my god, I like this young girl too much. Did she grow up eating cuteness?”

“Yes, yes. She definitely grew up eating cuteness.”

Gu Shen took a look. Around him, everyone who was not working was holding their phones and discussing happily.

Chen Ge walked over, smiling at his phone. Upon seeing Gu Shen’s dark face, he hurriedly put his phone away and pretended to be calm as he shouted, “Little Liang, get Brother Shen a bottle of soda!”

Oh my, my heart has melted. She’s too adorable. Before he had interacted with her, he had always felt that Ling Sheng was not simple because of this person in front of him. She was a scheming b*tch.

After interacting with her, he had realized she was a cheerful, adorable, beautiful young lady. She was not scheming and she treated others sincerely. She did not treat Gu Shen’s agent differently either.

Although she did not talk much, one could tell from the way she’d interacted with the film crew that she knew how to talk. Her sincerity made one feel respect and comfort when interacting with her.

“What are you hiding?” Gu Shen’s face darkened, and his brows furrowed slightly as he looked at him. “Give me your phone.”

Chen Ge did not dare disobey. He passed his phone over and hurriedly explained, “Ah Shen, they added me to the group. I didn’t want to join it.”

Gu Shen took a look. It was the film crew’s chat group. There were more than 100 people in it, and the top news was a video sent by Ling Sheng.

In the video, the girl was wearing a giant furry panda-eared hat and had even painted her nose black. It was a 10-second video of her telling everyone that she had safely returned home. It was adorable and spirited.

Gu Shen’s lips curled up subconsciously. Then, as though he had realized something, he let out a cold snort and returned the phone to him before leaving.


How was she cute?

She was adorable just because her nose was black? She should be pretending to be adorable!

Also, was she stupid? She could find such special effects in just any random beautification camera, alright? Did she have to apply the paint herself?

Chen Ge had smiled upon seeing the video, but now, he was full of suppressed anger and darkness. He shook his head and sighed.

The video on the internet was about #Holy #CP. He had initially thought that it was nothing. He had thought that the CP fans were having fun and the netizens were blind.

However, he had been with the team for nearly a month. He had seen Ah Shen staring at the woman from time to time. Sometimes, he would smile knowingly. However, after a while, he had become anxious and angry.

Based on his limited dating experience, he’d guessed that he cared about her and had fallen in love with her. However, he was unwilling to admit it. On one hand, he had fallen in love with her. On the other hand, he was trying his best to tell himself that he hated her. He hated her very much. Whenever he saw her, he felt disgusted. Therefore, he would frequently have this kind of angry expression despite being fine a second ago.

After Ling Sheng finished filming the movie, there was not much left on her schedule. Besides her advertisement with Gu Shen, only her cooperation with L-Star remained. The brand promotion, press conference, and advertisements would all happen in the middle of the month.

The Lunar New Year was at the end of January and the beginning of February. After the New Year, Ling Sheng would have to prepare for the upcoming college entrance examination, so there would be even fewer jobs.

Mei Xuelin was a very qualified agent. That night, Ling Sheng called her.

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