Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 527 - The Light Of China

Chapter 527: The Light Of China

“Something came up last minute. I want to see my idol.” Ling Sheng was so happy that she spun around, her eyes crinkling into crescents.

Sheng Xichen asked, “Your idol? Which one?”

She had many idols, including idols from movies, television dramas, fashion, music, gaming, and sports. The names he had heard of were all the best.

“It’s…” Ling Sheng shook her head mysteriously and smiled slyly. “I’m not telling you.”

Upon seeing her mischievous look, Fang Hua smiled and added, “Movie Queen Nangong. She’s meeting Movie Queen Nangong Lengyu.”

Sheng Xichen’s eyes lit up, and his gentle expression finally changed a little. He then asked, “Really?”

Ling Sheng smiled even more complacently. “Yes, yes. Really. Senior Sheng, do you want her autograph? I can get it for you.”

Upon hearing that it was Nangong Lengyu, Chen Zhiji felt a little agitated. However, she was too embarrassed to ask her for anything. In the end, she went all out. “Sheng Sheng, I, I want it too! Erm… I’ll give you a notebook and two t-shirts later. Can you get them signed for me?”

Movie Queen Nangong had been her idol since she was young. When she had been in high school and university, she had been her favorite. The magazines she had bought formed a thick pile. The first movie she had watched in the cinema had been starring her, the pride of the Chinese and the light of China!

“Okay.” Ling Sheng patted her chest without hesitation.

One could tell from their expressions that Movie Queen Nangong was definitely a goddess in the eyes of both men and women her age.

Sheng Xichen started to recall that 15 years ago, a movie he had acted in had been nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Award. When he had attended the award ceremony, he had seen her in person. She had been the special guest host that year.

On the stage, she had been humorous and witty. In the grand venue, where the stars had shone and superstars had gathered, she had been the most dazzling existence. She had been bright and moving, and her aura had been strong. She had been magnificent, and her every frown and smile had been seductive.

When he had been the closest to her, there had only been two rows of seats between them. Now, he regretted not having the courage to approach her and ask for a photo and an autograph.

Later, when he had become famous, the Movie Queen had stopped filming and they had never gotten a chance to meet again.

Ling Sheng vowed. “Don’t worry, Teacher Sheng. When Movie Queen Nangong and I get to know each other and become good friends, I’ll definitely take you to her for an autograph.”

Chen Zhiji raised her hand. She had not been so agitated in a long time. “Sheng Sheng, I want one too.”

Ling Sheng nodded and waved her hand generously. “Okay, leave this trivial matter to me!”

Fang Hua took a look at her. Look at how smug she was. She had yet to see her, yet she was already so smug. However, this lady looked adorable no matter what. Regardless of what she did, she was always adorable.

Ling Sheng did not know if Sheng Xichen had gone out to have fun with Fang Hua, but she started feeling extremely nervous after getting in the car.

“Third Master, Third Master, do you think my makeup is a little inappropriate?” Ling Sheng asked him, lifting her face and closing her eyes.

Jun Shiyan’s eyes burned as he watched the young lady close her eyes slightly. Her long eyelashes fluttered a little. Her crystal-clear face and moist red lips made his blood boil instantly. His Adam’s apple moved up and down uncontrollably, and his voice was hoarse. “It’s very appropriate.”

Ling Sheng did not trust a man’s taste. She took out a mirror and looked at herself for a long time, but she was still uneasy and indecisive. In the end, she sent Shi Lingyu a video. Only girls knew girls the best. “Sister Yu, I’m meeting my idol. She’s a pretty big sister. Do you think my makeup is appropriate?”

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