Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 528 - Christmas

Chapter 528: Christmas

Shi Lingyu looked left and right. “Turn off the beautifying filter. I can’t tell with the filter on.”

Ling Sheng tapped on her phone screen for a long time before reassuring her. “I didn’t turn on the beautifying filter.”

Shi Lingyu reached out to take a screenshot of her face. It looked tender and flushed. She was so envious. “Your skin is much whiter than last time. Didn’t you stay up late filming? You look better than when you weren’t filming.”

Ling Sheng chuckled. “It might be because of the water and soil in the south. Also, I’m using Senior Fang Hua’s secret trick. I’ll send it to you later!”

Shi Lingyu nodded. “Okay, stand up. Let me see your clothes.”

Ling Sheng turned the camera around and nearly fell when she stood up. The man behind her helped her up and said gently, “Be careful.”

Shi Lingyu winked at her and said, “Are you the neighbor? Why are you following her wherever she goes? I’m so envious.”

“Brother Bei hasn’t visited you?” Ling Sheng asked seriously. “Then I’ll call him and get him to visit you.”

“You’re really something.” Shi Lingyu glared at her angrily, knowing that if she did not explain clearly, she would definitely keep her word. “He just came yesterday. Your outfit is quite nice. Your makeup is not bad either. It’s suitable for a boyfriend-girlfriend meeting.”

Upon hearing this, Ling Sheng was completely relieved. However, she was still a little nervous and expectant. “Sister Yu, let me tell you something. I’m going to see Best Actress Nangong Lengyu. Do you want an autograph?”

Shi Lingyu burst out laughing. Upon seeing her complacent look, she said, “How many people have you asked that today? Are you meeting her or getting her autograph? Will this do?”

Ling Sheng let out a low cough and said seriously, “I was just asking.”

“I know. You just wanted to tell me that you’re going to see Movie Queen Nangong. Although I like Movie Queen Nangong a lot, it would not be good to ask her for too many autographs. When I have the chance in the future, I’ll ask her personally.” Shi Lingyu was still considerate. The Movie Queen might think that she was there just to ask for an autograph!

“Okay, okay.” Ling Sheng nodded hurriedly and looked out the window. It was Christmas, so there were Christmas decorations everywhere. There were also Christmas songs playing on the street. It was very lively. “Has Brother Bei left?”

Shi Lingyu blushed and lowered her voice. “No, it’s Christmas today.”

Ling Sheng understood. Upon seeing the man disappear in the background, she shouted, “Hi, Brother Bei!”

Yu Bei ran over from afar. “What kind of eyes do you have? Can you see a thousand miles away? How did you see me?”

Ling Sheng said, “Ha ha ha! I’m eagle-eyed. Have fun, you two. I’m hanging up. I’m going to meet my idol!”

“By the way, let me tell you something.” Shi Lingyu stopped her mysteriously. She would hang up in a bit.

Ling Sheng raised an eyebrow and waited for her to continue.

Shi Lingyu smiled even more mysteriously and excitedly. “Sister Su Yi went out with Teacher Lu today.”

“Really?” Ling Sheng’s eyes widened. Had it really worked?

“Why would I lie to you? It’s something I got out of Sister Su Yi when she consulted me because she was having trouble choosing a matching outfit.” Shi Lingyu was immensely proud. She then reminded her, “Sister Su Yi is thin-skinned. Don’t ask her about this!”

Ling Sheng nodded and made an OK gesture. “Okay, I understand.”

After hanging up the video call, Ling Sheng excitedly sent Lu Yubai a message. Uncle, how are you celebrating Christmas?

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