Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 526 - Calm and Old

Chapter 526: Calm and Old

“Sister Fang Hua, why do you think she doesn’t get fat?” Chen Zhiji was puzzled. She watched her eating lobster in big mouthfuls before she ate the few vegetable leaves in front of her. Comparisons were infuriating.

“You’ll get used to it.” Fang Hua sighed and looked enviously at the young lady eating happily beside her. She was really tantalized, but she could only smell the food. She did not dare eat it. One bite would definitely make her gain weight.

Female celebrities were not the only ones who did not dare eat like this. Sheng Xichen did not dare eat like this either. As he was thinking about this, he walked over and brought a salad and a piece of steak.

Sheng Xichen looked at Ling Sheng, who was eating delicious food. He took a look at the food on his plate and frowned slightly. This was too stimulating. He should not have come here.

Upon hearing their conversation, Ling Sheng smiled. “My physique is good, and my metabolism is fast. Young people are like that.”

“You mean that we’re old? Our metabolism is slow?” Fang Hua gave her a warning look.

Ling Sheng shook her head hurriedly to please her. “No, that’s definitely not what I meant. My digestive system is good. Sister Fang Hua, you’ll always be the prettiest girl! You wouldn’t have a problem portraying a high school student.”

“Forget it. When a woman reaches a certain age, she should act according to her age. I can accept playing a role that’s within 10 years of my actual age, but I can’t act in any teenage idol dramas! I want to grow old confidently and live well at any age.” Fang Hua sighed deeply.

“Yes, I can’t act in those dramas either. Young, energetic roles should be given to young girls like you.” Chen Zhiji nodded.

Not only were the actors involved, but the audience was also becoming increasingly pickier and stricter. The audience could accept an age difference of ten years or lower. However, if an actor in her thirties or forties portrayed a young lady in her teens, this would definitely hinder the immersion of the audience.

Sheng Xichen sat down and smiled at them. “But you know the domestic television drama market now. It’s basically full of youth idol dramas. The themes are all quite uniform. It’s not easy to get a script for a suitable female lead.”

Fang Hua nodded in agreement. “That’s why I’ve always chosen to film movies!”

Ling Sheng thought about it and realized that it was true. Sister Fang Hua had always acted on the big screen and had not filmed many television dramas. “Sister Fang Hua, you can switch to the small screen. With your capabilities, you can definitely portray well any role at any age.”

Fang Hua smiled and urged her. “Then tell Director Chen Mo to let me play the young female lead’s role as well. See if he agrees.”

Ling Sheng was silent. Okay, she had been wrong. The current domestic film and television drama market was indeed a little messy. There were too few genres that could be filmed, and the scriptwriters’ abilities were limited. Good scripts were few and far between. Actually, this was a vicious circle.

In addition, plenty of money had been spent in the past few years to invest in IP dramas and find popular dramas. In the end, people had lost most of their money. They almost made enough money, but their finances were tight. They’d had to reduce their expenses and investments. Naturally, the television drama and film market had withered.

“Right.” Ling Sheng suddenly remembered and smiled ambiguously at Sheng Xichen. “Teacher Sheng doesn’t have any scenes tonight, right? Teacher Fang Hua doesn’t have any either. It’s Christmas today. The two of you can go out for a walk.”

Sheng Xichen swallowed a mouthful of steak and wiped his mouth before saying slowly, “Didn’t Fang Hua say she wanted to head out with you?”

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