Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 525 - Caught Off-Guard

Chapter 525: Caught Off-Guard

Ling Sheng: I have time. I definitely have time.

Ahhh, was the Third Master taking her to see Movie Queen Nangong? She was so agitated. What kind of gifts should she prepare? What should she wear? What kind of makeup? Damn it, happiness caught her off guard. She was agitated!

“Sheng Sheng, the two of us don’t have any scenes in the afternoon or at night. Let’s go out and shop!” Fang Hua looked at her red face, her eyes sparkling with excitement. She brought her lunch over and sat down. “What’s the good news? Why are you so agitated?”

Ling Sheng shook her head hurriedly and let out a low cough. Even though she lowered her voice, it could not hide her excitement. “Sister Fang Hua, I might meet Movie Queen Nangong!”

“Really?” Fang Hua’s voice became louder. “Can you take me with you?”

Ling Sheng was put in a tough spot.

Fang Hua was an understanding person. She thus smiled and said, “I was just teasing you. I won’t come. Tell me, how did you contact Movie Queen Nangong?”

“A friend of mine knows her. I mean, it’s possible that I might meet the Best Actress. That’s just my guess.” Ling Sheng could not help feeling agitated, and her eyes were sparkling.

Although she had said that it was possible, she was 100% sure that she would meet the Best Actress. Besides the Best Actress, the Third Master could not have been referring to anyone else.

Fang Hua was amazed. “It’s that boyfriend of yours, right? What kind of god is your boyfriend? How could he meet up with Movie Queen Nangong? Are they very close?”

Ling Sheng nodded and held her hand. Her gaze was unusually firm as she said, “Sister Fang Hua, don’t worry. After Movie Queen Nangong and I become good friends, I’ll definitely take you to meet her first.”

Fang Hua nodded and smiled. When she saw her serious expression, she wondered why she was so adorable. “Okay, thank you in advance. You have to succeed!”

The duo gave each other the look of a revolutionary martyr entrusting someone with an important task. When they saw the pretty sister carrying a big lobster over, they were dumbfounded. “Sheng Sheng, this is the curry lobster you wanted.”

“Thank you, Sister.” Ling Sheng smiled until her eyes curved. Upon smelling the fragrance of the lobster, she was about to drool. She put on a pair of disposable gloves and prepared to eat.

The sister in front of her was called Chen Zhiji. She was the new second female lead who had replaced Zhen Li. She was a junior at Sister Fang Hua’s company, and she was four years younger than her. She was a very gentle lady. She was not very pretty, but her looks made one feel comfortable.

She had entered the entertainment circle late. When she was 28 years old, a director had taken a liking to her while she’d been acting in a group drama. He had given her the role of a palace maid.

Her acting skills were good. Initially, she had been supposed to live for two episodes. The scriptwriter had added scenes for her at the last minute, and after the script was changed, she had successfully survived until the end.

After that, she had relied on her outstanding acting skills to officially enter the entertainment circle. She had signed a contract with a small company, but her age was a little unsuitable. The company’s energy and resources were used to support newbies, so she’d had no part in them.

She had been exiled, able to act only as a supporting character, such as a mother, sister, or mistress. Her projects had all been low-budget dramas, the kind of moral family dramas that were broadcast on local television stations or anti-war drama series.

At the beginning of the year, she had just terminated her contract with a company and signed a contract with Fang Hua’s company, Xia Yu Entertainment. However, good jobs such as leading roles and scripts weren’t given to her. She was not young anymore.

In the beginning, Director Chen had felt that her appearance was a little inappropriate. Later, he had been convinced by the young lady’s acting skills. With the harmless face of a neighbor’s sister, she had acted as a scheming third party who had tried to interfere in someone else’s marriage. It actually made one feel that the plot was different and super exciting.

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