Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 522 - Quite Compatible

Chapter 522: Quite Compatible

The man was a handsome foreigner in a suit. He was tall and he had a perfect figure, gentlemanly and elegant manners, and a pair of ocean-like blue eyes. He was perfect!

The woman was at least 1.70 meters tall. She was wearing a red trench coat and a pair of high heels. As she walked, she gave off a strong vibe. She was as confident and dazzling as a queen.

She was wearing sunglasses, so only her perky nose and red lips could be seen. She was definitely worthy of praise for her beauty.

Ling Sheng’s eyes widened when she saw this. The lady’s aura was very strong. The queen was really beautiful, and the man was very gentlemanly and elegant, like a medieval aristocrat. The duo was a match made in heaven.

She was a little far away, so she could not recognize them. She whispered in her father’s ear, “Father, who are those two? They look like immortals!”

Huo Ci’s eyes turned cold as he exerted force. His handsome face contorted for a moment before returning to normal. He gritted his teeth. “You must be blind!”

Ling Sheng took a deep breath. That hurt. Why had he pinched her? She just found them quite compatible. Why was he angry?

When she got closer, Ling Sheng realized what he was angry about. Why had he suddenly hugged her and done such a strange thing? Wasn’t the queen opposite her Movie Queen Nangong?

When they brushed past each other, Huo Ci stopped in his tracks.

Ling Sheng actually wanted to greet her, but her father grabbed her arm and stopped her from moving.

Meanwhile, Movie Queen Nangong was chatting warmly with the elegant, handsome man beside her. She walked past them directly as though she had not seen them. She completely ignored them and treated the two of them as though they were invisible.

Ling Sheng was shocked. Her waist hurt a little from being pinched. She stole a look at him and realized that her father’s handsome face was very gloomy. Flames flickered in his eyes.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Her father had been ignored like air. She wanted to laugh at him, but she did not dare. She pursed her lips and tried her best to suppress her laughter.

“Father, is that someone you know?” Ling Sheng looked harmless, her eyes as clear as a deer’s. She was extremely innocent, as though she was saying, I don’t know anything, really.

Huo Ci pushed her away in disdain and said coldly, “No.”

Ling Sheng pouted and puffed her cheeks in anger. What kind of person was he? He had thrown her away after using her. She rubbed her waist, which hurt a lot.

She was rational. Judging by this situation, her father had seen the Best Actress with that elegant man and gotten jealous. He’d wanted to use her to attract the Best Actress’ attention.

However, Movie Queen Nangong had ignored him, which had made him even angrier. Perhaps Movie Queen Nangong had not deliberately ignored him and really had not recognized him!

This deduction was too far-fetched. In the 20 years since her father had debuted, his handsomeness had never waned. Compared to his young self, he had gained a darn mature man’s charm.

The duo reached the car, and Huo Ci waited. Ling Sheng went to the supermarket to buy a lot of snacks and local specialty products. After putting everything in the car, she smiled and said, “Father, I won’t take you to the airport. I have to go back to film.”

Then, she got out of the car immediately. Nangong Lengyu was there. She wanted to see the Best Actress. Who would want to take this weird-tempered, awkward old man to the airport? He even treated her with an attitude.

Huo Ci’s lips curled up coldly as he grabbed her arm and pulled her in. He had guessed her thoughts, so he raised his eyebrows and smiled. “You have two hours. It takes 40 minutes to get to the airport. You’ll make it.”

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