Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 521 - A Man and A Woman

Chapter 521: A Man and A Woman

Lu Yubai replied instantly and cursed angrily. “F*ck, I told you to hide from him. What’s wrong with you?”

Chen Mo: Sorry.

A moment later, Rong Yin replied calmly, “Oh, he found out.”

Chen Mo complained tearfully. “Didn’t you say that he wouldn’t recognize me even if I stood in front of him?”

Rong Yin: You can’t believe everything I say.

Chen Mo wanted to cry.

Upon hearing the door open, Ling Sheng was about to turn around and run.

When he saw her disappearing figure, Huo Ci growled. “Why are you running? Get back here!”

Ling Sheng had not expected to be discovered so quickly. Her father had a pair of god-like eyes and was smiling obsequiously at her. She raised her hand and swore. “I’m just here to take a look. I didn’t hear anything. I’m not the kind of person who eavesdrops on others.”

After taking a closer look, her father was very unhappy. At that moment, his emotions were on the verge of exploding. He could not be bothered to look at her. He just let out a cold snort and left.

“Father, go home today. I don’t have anything to do in the next two hours. I’ll take you there.” Ling Sheng’s voice was small as she chased after him hurriedly and tried to please him. “Wait in the car. I’ll go to the campus supermarket to buy you some food. You can eat on the way.”

Upon seeing the smile on her face as she chased after him and even thoughtfully gave him a pair of sunglasses, a mask, and a hat, he gave her a disdainful look. That brat only knew how to flatter others.

He believed her when she said she had not eavesdropped. He had been paying attention to the commotion at the door. If someone had approached, he would definitely have noticed them. Why had she followed him instead of eavesdropping?

That day’s scenes were being filmed in M University’s laboratory building. The area was sealed off, and many security guards were watching, afraid that some fanatics would sneak in and affect the filming process.

During the filming period, M University was very cooperative and strict. Besides the teachers and students of the school, no one was allowed to enter the campus. The extras had also been selected from the students and teachers of M University.

Classes in university were not very fixed. No matter what time it was, there would be people on the street, especially near the laboratory building. Many students were fans who were waiting for their idol to come out to see if they could get an autograph or a photo.

Besides, the film crew was very nice. They would never reject fans’ requests for photos and autographs. They were very cooperative.

In addition, someone had leaked the news that Best Actor Huo had come to the film site again today. Many people had come, hoping to meet him by chance.

Ling Sheng knew what was going on outside. If he went out like this, he would definitely be eaten alive by the fans. She even got Zhou Zhou to get her father to change into his coat.

She did not care. After all, there were not many Peanuts outside. At most, they were her variety show fans. Many university students at M University were variety show fans of hers. When they saw her, they would say, “Sheng Sheng, you’re really funny!”

It would have been fine if she hadn’t heard it. However, when she heard more, she wanted to cry. Consider how an actress would feel if the first thing she heard during their first meeting was not that her acting skills were good, but that she was really funny.

Then, she thought of Fang Hua and Sheng Xichen. When the fans saw them, they would say, “Teacher, I love this and that role of yours the most. You acted really well.”

Without comparison, there would be no harm. Her young heart had suffered a huge blow, so when Sister Mei had called to tell her that Director Qian Yi’s “100 Transformations Broadcasting” had asked her to be a permanent guest, she had rejected the offer outright.

She wanted to be a household name actress, not a household name comedian!

Huo Ci was walking ahead, and Ling Sheng followed him with small steps. Her legs were short, and her father was walking on his long legs. She had to jog to catch up.

However, as she walked, her father suddenly turned around, grabbed her arm, and pulled her into his embrace forcefully. His big hand tightened around her waist and hugged her directly. Her eyes widened in shock, and she felt strange. In a low voice, she asked, “Father, what are you doing?”

Then, she saw her father remove his sunglasses and mask and put his hat on her head. His thin lips moved slightly as he threatened her. “Shut up.”

Ling Sheng frowned. Why are you being so aggressive?

When she looked up, she saw a man and a woman walk through the entrance of the laboratory. The duo was simply a match made in heaven.

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