Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 520 - Crazy

Chapter 520: Crazy

“Brother Ci.” Chen Mo closed his eyes in fright and covered his face. He then stuttered, “Speak nicely. Don’t hit my face!”

He had to go out to work later, so it would be difficult to explain if he was seen like that.

Huo Ci retreated, his lips curling up coldly and his eyes full of mockery. “Useless thing.”

Why was he as timid as he had been as a young man? He had not done anything to him. Besides, had he beaten him up? He had threatened him at most.

Chen Mo had always admired and feared him. After all, he used to be known as the invincible Huo Ci in the capital. He had been famous for being the devil incarnate. There had been no young master in the capital who was not afraid of him.

In addition, he’d had a few close brothers backing him up. He had basically been able to do anything he wanted.

At the time, he had just returned to the capital with his sister. He had been frequently bullied at school. When he had first encountered him while being beaten up, he had not helped. He had just stood by.

Later, after he’d started getting along with his sister, he had started forcing him to fight with others. He had brought him along no matter where they went. To be honest, that had been the most unrestrained and unlawful period of his life.

“When did you find out?” Chen Mo felt that he had concealed it well. There was no way he would recognize him given how he looked now.

“Just now.” Huo Ci had never cared much about Hollywood, especially about directors and actors. He knew that there was a genius director called Chen Mo, but he had not bothered to find out what he looked like.

Chen Mo frowned. Impossible!

“You think I’m lying?” Huo Ci’s lips curled up dangerously as he gave him a cold look. “If I had known you were Chen Mo, do you think I would have asked Ling Sheng to act in your drama?”

Dream on!

Chen Mo’s eyes constricted suddenly. When he heard him mention Ling Sheng, he was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. His whole body pricked up. “She’s just an artist managed by you. Even though you’re her boss, you can’t stop her from taking on a script. Artists and companies can terminate their contracts at any time.”

Huo Ci laughed out loud with a look of disdain. “Terminate their contracts? She can forget about terminating her contract in this lifetime. She has to film whatever I ask her to film. If she dares to film something I don’t want her to film, I’ll put her out of commission forever and ban her from China! You’ll see!”

Chen Mo pointed at him. “You’re a tyrant. You’re bullying her. She’s not your personal property. I believe China has laws!”

“You’re wrong. She is my personal property.” Huo Ci did not want to continue talking about this topic, so he asked directly, “Who else knows about your return?”

Upon seeing his expression, Chen Mo knew that he would not let the matter rest. He might even do something when he got back. He hurriedly said, “No one knows that I came back in secret. Eldest Brother and the others don’t know.”

“Oh, Rong Yin.” Huo Ci nodded and smiled at him. “There’s also Lu Shihao, right? Both of them know.”

Then, he turned around and left. When he reached the door, he stopped and turned around again. “Thank you for telling me.”

Chen Mo panicked. “Sister… Brother Ci, this has nothing to do with them. Come at me if anything happens!”

Huo Ci sneered, “You’re not worthy!”

Upon seeing him leave, Chen Mo broke out in a cold sweat. He had nearly called him brother-in-law out of anxiety. If his sister found out, she would tear him apart.

Huo Ci used to be a lunatic who did not act according to common sense. He was capable of doing anything. He hurriedly warned Rong Yin and the others. I’ve been discovered. Huo Ci will be returning to the capital today.

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