Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 523 - Poor Old Man

Chapter 523: Poor Old Man

That brat. Look at her eager expression. Did she think he didn’t know what she was up to? She had watched Nangong Lengyu’s movie in his personal theater and told Xiaoqi that it was a film about her goddess. Did she think he didn’t know?!

“Father, I also want to rehearse my lines!” Ling Sheng smiled at him, her heart full of tears. She suspected that her father might know something. For example, the fact that she liked Movie Queen Nangong.

However, would this make him feel very upset, sad, and defeated?

Forget it. On account of how sad and pitiful this old man, who had been ignored by his first love, was, she should take him to the airport!

Upon seeing him sit obediently beside her, she gave him a sympathetic look. She patted his hand and said earnestly, “Father, I’ll take you to the airport.”

Huo Ci held back a mouthful of blood. Did she know something? This brat was smart. She must have gotten information out of some scumbag.

On the film site, Nangong Lengyu had kept a very low profile. She had even deliberately put on sunglasses and a mask. However, her queen-like aura could not be kept low-key. Many people looked over and guessed who she was to Director Chen.

“Ah Mo.” Nangong Lengyu sat beside Chen Mo and whispered in his ear, “What’s the relationship between Sheng Sheng and Huo Ci? Are they really a couple?”

Chen Mo, who was drinking water, nearly choked to death. He explained hurriedly, “No, definitely not. She’s an artist managed by his company!”

How was that possible?

Sheng Sheng was Ah Yan’s girlfriend!

However, Ah Yan had not told him to tell his sister, so he did not say anything.

“Okay.” Nangong Lengyu nodded. When she thought of the earlier scene, her lips curled up in mockery.

She had not seen him for many years, but his childish and laughable habits had not changed!

“Sister, I can promise you that Sheng Sheng and Huo Ci are not a couple.” Chen Mo raised his hand. “I can swear on my honor.”

“Your honor is worthless.” Nangong Lengyu shot him a disdainful look and asked, “When will Sheng Sheng be back?”

Chen Mo said, “She’ll be filming in two hours.”

Nangong Lengyu nodded and moved to his side in a very professional manner to give him guidance. In a moment, she entered working mode.

The way the siblings worked seriously was exactly the same.

The handsome man who had come with her was chatting with James, but his eyes kept glancing at her lovingly.

James said, “Steven, when are you planning to propose?”

Steven shook his head and smiled bitterly. “She didn’t agree to go out with me. She’s not even my girlfriend. How can I propose?”

James was puzzled. He finally caught up with him after a long time. He could only pat his shoulder sympathetically and cheer him on. “Come on, buddy.”

You will not be the first or the last man to be rejected.

Over the years, many outstanding men who stood at the apex of various industries had tried to woo her one after another like moths to a flame, but none of them had gotten what they’d wanted.

He did not understand why some people were so stubborn. Shouldn’t a perfectly fine life be spent dating happily? Besides, out of the men who had wooed her, had anyone not been outstanding enough to make other women jealous?

When Ling Sheng rushed back, she searched the entire film site but did not see her idol. In the end, she stopped Fang Hua, who had just finished filming. “Sister Fang Hua, where’s Movie Queen Nangong?”

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