Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 442 - Beautiful Nun

Chapter 442: Beautiful Nun

The abbot looked at her with a smile and recited a Buddhist mantra. “As nuns, we don’t ask about origins or destinations. Patron, take it easy come what may.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Nun.” Ling Sheng became even more respectful as she pressed her palms together and bowed.

She had not believed in such things before. However, the person in front of her seemed to know something but also nothing. The expression on her face was unpredictable, and she did not dare make wild guesses. She could only say that the Dharma was boundless.

“Please go ahead, Patron. I don’t know much more. Your friend is waiting for you.” The abbot took the divination lot and said, “Leave this with me for now!”

Ling Sheng bowed again. It was impossible for her not to be shocked. Although the abbot had not said much, every word she’d said had implied that she was not from this world. Sometimes, one couldn’t not believe certain things.

“Sheng Sheng, what did the nun tell you?” Upon seeing her come out, Su Yi hurried over to welcome her.

“She said that I’ve been having a lot of romance recently and asked me to pay attention to problems that come with love,” Ling Sheng said casually. However, the abbot was right. Since she was in this world, she should take it easy. She had always done this without any hesitation or wavering.

“Are you talking about Gu Shen?” Su Yi teased her. “Or do you mean that other than Gu Shen, you’ll meet another rotten love interest?”

Ling Sheng smiled smugly. “I’m smart, beautiful, and adorable. There will always be bees and butterflies around me. It’s hard to abandon a natural beauty.”

Su Yi was amused by her. She tapped her head and nodded. Why was she so adorable? “Little Fairy, you’re right.”

Time passed quickly. When the duo reached the courtyard, they bumped into a young nun who was around 30 years old. She recited a Buddhist mantra as she walked over. “It’s time to prepare vegetarian meals. Patrons, please go to the backyard!”

When Ling Sheng saw Su Yi looking at the young nun, her expression was a little conflicted. However, she also felt relieved. She believed that she knew her. Perhaps she was someone who lived nearby!

Su Yi knew the nun who was leading the way—she was her maternal grandma’s neighbor’s sister. Three years ago, her beloved husband had died in a car accident with her twin sons. Her heart had nearly died with them.

Someone had discovered her after she’d committed suicide by taking sleeping pills and saved her in time. Later, someone had invited the abbot over to counsel her. Then, she had followed the abbot and become a nun.

The believers had to prepare the vegetarian dishes in the temple together. They would help pick the vegetables and wash them. The chefs in the kitchen would then cook them.

When Ling Sheng and the others went over, there were already more than ten believers there. There were both men and women, but the majority were female believers. All of them were middle-aged. There were really no young girls like her and Sister Su Yi.

Everyone was helping pick vegetables and wash them. Upon seeing the duo arrive, they were baffled. Then, they called them over and assigned them the task of peeling potatoes.

Su Yi chatted with her. There were no taboos in the temple. As long as the person who came to offer incense felt happy and safe, the abbot would be satisfied.

Ling Sheng knew that a Buddhist temple was a place that required silence and tranquility, so she could not make a commotion or talk casually. However, when she saw a nun enter with a basket, she could not help being stunned. Her eyes were full of amazement as she whispered, “Sister Su Yi, that nun is really pretty!”

Su Yi had also seen her. She was not a nun of the temple. Judging from her clothes, she should be a nun who was devoted to Buddhism. Her hat did not cover the stray hairs on her temples, so she was sure that she was a nun that followed the precepts.

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