Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 443 - Nun Jingxin

Chapter 443: Nun Jingxin

The nun was really pretty. Her eyebrows were like distant mountains, her skin was like a peach blossom, and her eyes were like stars. Her aura was also fresh and elegant.

Not only were the two of them stunned, but so were the devotees working in the courtyard. When they regained their senses, they felt embarrassed and stared at the nun for a long time.

Upon seeing that Ling Sheng and the others had finished peeling the potatoes, the beautiful nun called the two of them over to help them process the spinach.

When Ling Sheng looked at her for the first time, she was pretty. When she looked at her for the second time, she felt like she had seen her before. When she looked at her for the third time, she thought that she must have known this pretty nun in her previous life. When she heard the nun call them, she suppressed the happiness in her heart and ran over to help her seriously.

She lifted her head quietly to take a look at the gentle nun. When she was with her, she gave off an indescribable calmness. She was so familiar that she found it unbelievable.

Perhaps this was the case sometimes. Although one did not know a person, one would feel a sense of deja vu. Perhaps it was the feeling of finally seeing this person in this life after looking back a thousand times in one’s previous life.

“May I know your Dharma name, Nun?” Ling Sheng tried her best to appear normal as she warned herself internally. You’re not a man, so why are you so tempted because you saw a pretty lady?

“Jingxin.” Nun Jingxin looked at the young lady in front of her. She was very pretty, and her eyes were as bright as stars. She was gorgeous, and she gave off a very intimate vibe.

Ling Sheng’s heart was filled with bubbles. The nun’s voice was really nice to listen to. It was like the sound of nature. She looked at her and introduced herself. “Hi, Nun Jingxin. My name is Ling Sheng. I’m Ling Sheng.”

“Patron Ling.” Nun Jingxin smiled at her. “Hi.”

Ling Sheng was afraid of leaving a bad impression on Nun Jingxin, so she did not dare say anything else. She was very obedient and lady-like.

Su Yi did not know what had happened to her. After seeing Nun Jingxin, she seemed to have become a different person. She spoke less, but her eyes were full of stars, especially when she stole looks at her.

She wanted to say, “Do you think the nun can’t see you? You’re deceiving yourself. The nun has seen every single look in your eyes clearly. She just hasn’t made it obvious.”

“Nun Jingxin, are you here to cultivate?” Su Yi asked.

“Yes, I came to the capital with a friend. I heard that this place is very quiet, so I came over.” Nun Jingxin smiled elegantly.

When she noticed that the young lady named Ling Sheng had been looking at her quietly, she was amused by her tiny actions and expressions, which were extremely adorable.

Did she feel the same way? Was this a case of meeting an acquaintance again?

When she was done with her work and Nun Jingxin left, Ling Sheng looked at the spot where she had disappeared, unable to snap back to her senses. She was dumbfounded.

Su Yi waved her hand in front of her eyes. “Have you gone stupid today? Your eyeballs can’t move when you see a pretty lady.”

Ling Sheng nodded hurriedly. “Don’t you think she’s really fairy-like and beautiful? I’m tempted by such a lady, even though I’m not a man.”

“Even if you were a man, you wouldn’t be able to woo her.” Su Yi flicked her finger and shook her head with a smile. “Also, she might be your auntie’s age.”

“In my heart, pretty and gentle women are all ladies.” Ling Sheng was very serious.

“Then what if a woman is not pretty or gentle?” Su Yi was amused as she pointed at her. “That’s discrimination!”

“Then let’s see if she’s adorable!” After saying that, Ling Sheng held her arm and continued whispering. “Sister Su Yi, I keep feeling like I know her. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s a very familiar feeling, as though she’s… someone very close to me.”

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