Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 441 - Visitors From Heaven

Chapter 441: Visitors From Heaven

“Is he alright?” Su Yi looked worriedly at the disappearing car.

“He should be fine!” Ling Sheng did not know why he had run away without explaining clearly.

When Su Yixin reached the temple, she would help Teacher Lu ask about marriage and get Sheng Sheng to bring the answer back to him. After all, he had come.

It was early, and it was a rare sunny day. There were already people on the mountain path, and a few cars had stopped at the foot of the mountain. There were believers who had come from afar and residents from nearby, but most of the guests were female.

Su Yi explained to her that there were many believers around, especially people who had been faithful for decades.

Her maternal grandma’s house was nearby, and her maternal grandma was a devout believer. Every day, she would go to the temple to offer incense and help when the temple was busy.

“By the way, Sheng Sheng, let’s have lunch. I’ll take you to my uncle’s house to have some fun. It’s just past the mountain ahead. When I was young, I often climbed the mountain with my cousins.” As Su Yi thought of the past, her eyes were full of nostalgia. “It’s the 25th of August now. There’s also a temple fair. It’s very lively. People from all over the country come over. It takes place at the foot of the mountain, and the stalls there are a few kilometers away.”

Ling Sheng could imagine that it would be very lively. She smiled and said, “Let’s come over to the temple fair next year!”

Su Yi said, “Don’t stand me up.”

Next year’s temple fair was a little far away, and there was no guarantee that there would be no jobs at the time. It would not be easy for them to get together.

Ling Sheng was not a believer, nor had she ever sincerely believed in anything. However, her foster mother was a Buddhist, so she knew a little about it.

Perhaps it was because it was too early, but there were not many visitors in the temple. Su Yi had said that there were more people there on Saturdays and Sundays, when it was usually emptier.

However, the nuns in the temple were all devout believers. The nuns had no desires and only ate the food they planted on the back of the mountain. Therefore, visitors were not that important.

Ling Sheng was amazed. Many temples had already become tourist attractions. Even nuns were not that pure anymore. There were also many fake monks and nuns.

Unless a temple was deep in the forest, which was not easy to build, it was rare to see such a clean, simple, and unsophisticated place.

Su Yi knew everyone in the temple and was very familiar with the abbot. Upon seeing her bring her friends over, she took them to offer incense happily.

Ling Sheng had not expected the abbot in the temple to be so approachable. The abbot was about 50 years old, and she had a kind face that made her very approachable.

Su Yi had drawn a good divination lot, and the abbot personally interpreted the divination lot for her and said that what she prayed for would happen and that everything would go smoothly.

When Ling Sheng passed the divination lot over, the abbot’s expression changed slightly. After a moment, she returned to normal. She looked at her and asked, “Patron, can we talk in private?”

Su Yi looked at the abbot in confusion. When she did not see an abnormal reaction, she felt relieved. It should not be a big deal. Perhaps it was just something to do with the content of the divination lot. It wasn’t right for her to hear it!

Ling Sheng, who was also confused, followed the abbot to the convent hall. “Nun, is there a problem with my lot?”

Although the abbot still had a kind look on her face, she said, “Guests come from the heavens.”

Ling Sheng’s heart skipped a beat, and she was shocked. She looked at the abbot, who was still smiling. “Nun, what do you mean?”

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