Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 429 - Beat Him Up

Chapter 429: Beat Him Up

“Sheng Sheng, have a drink with the Fourth Master. We’re all familiar with each other.” Liang Shuye finally stood up and smiled as he tried to persuade her. “The Fourth Master is a gentleman. He’s just a fan that likes you. He came to see you immediately when he found out you were coming.”

She was quite stubborn. She was not even willing to give the Fourth Master face. Did this ignorant fool think that she could be arrogant just because she was an artist managed by Huo Ci’s Studio? She was assuming unwarranted authority based on Huo Ci’s power!

“Young Master Liang, forget it. I have something urgent to attend to this time. I’ll treat you next time.” Ling Sheng thought to herself, You b*stard. I wouldn’t dare have such a fan. This is the first time I’ve seen a fan threaten their idol. He’s arrogant and vulgar.

It was not personal, but he looked like a braised pig’s head. Greasy and disgusting.

“Why wait for next time? There’s no time like the present. Let’s do it now! Ms. Ling, please give me some face. We can work together in the future. Ask around about the resources in my hands. What do you want? I’ll give it to you.” Lu Shihao stared at her with a perverted look in his eyes.

“Fourth Master, I’m with Huo Ci’s Studio. You should know that, right?” Ling Sheng smiled generously and appropriately. “Our studio has a rule when we sign contracts. We can’t participate in any activities other than company arrangements.”

“Huo Ci? Who does Huo Ci think he is?” Upon hearing his name, Lu Shihao was infuriated. He let out an angry, cold laugh. “Huo Ci has to kneel down and call me grandpa when he sees me, alright?”

Ling Sheng rolled her eyes. If you dare say that in front of him, I’ll respect you for being a man. Let’s see if you will be beaten to death. She smiled and said, “I really admire your confidence, Fourth Master.”

“B*tch.” Lu Shihao’s patience had been exhausted. He reached out angrily and tugged at her. “I want you to accompany me and have a drink with me today. You have to accompany me no matter what! You can’t act impudently in front of me.”

Ling Sheng looked at his hand, which was tugging at her arm. She felt so disgusted that she was nauseous. The corners of her lips curled up as she tried to negotiate kindly. “Brother, I suggest you remove your hand.”

“What if I don’t? You’re just an actress who’s out to sell her looks. Aren’t you just a high-class prostitute? Why are you acting all high and mighty in front of me?” Lu Shihao flew into a rage out of humiliation after being rejected repeatedly.

Ling Sheng bent her knee and pressed it against his body, using all her strength while smiling innocently and kindly. “I tried to persuade you!”

“B*tch!” Lu Shihao let out a short scream of pain before shouting angrily with red eyes, “Go! Catch her! I’ll give her a taste of my power today!”

Ling Sheng took a look at the place where she had kicked him and pouted in disdain. “Brother, will you still be able to use it if you go to the hospital now?”

Lu Shihao had been beaten up. The rich second-generation heirs who were with him listened to his order and called the bodyguards over quickly. Ling Sheng was immediately surrounded.

She had not intended to make a move, but he had been insensible and had insisted on forcing her.

“Liu Sui, don’t worry. They want to cause me trouble.” Ling Sheng looked at the people rushing over. She definitely could not beat them. She was prepared to call Fifth Uncle and ask him to punish the stupid pig in front of her.

Liu Sui was fuming as he clenched his fists in anger. These scumbags were too much. How could they force someone to drink with them? So what if they had power and influence? Even if he had to risk his life today, he would fight them.

However, just as Ling Sheng was about to call for help, before she could do anything, she heard a shout from the corridor. The shouting voice was extremely arrogant. “Beat him up! Beat Lu Shihao to death!”

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