Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 428 - I'll Accompany You To The End

Chapter 428: I’ll Accompany You To The End

Very good, she had dared to reject him. Since she had pretended to be virtuous, he had to see how strong her backbone was. Since she had dared to oppose him, she obviously did not want to survive in the entertainment circle anymore!

Upon seeing that he had been angered, Liang Shuye knew that the matter had already been resolved halfway. What kind of person was the Fourth Master of the Lu Family? Anyone who offended him would not be able to escape unscathed. Ling Sheng was only a small celebrity, yet she had dared to humiliate him.

“Fourth Master, she didn’t care who I am!” Liang Shuye laughed out loud and added fuel to the fire. “But that’s true. She’s working with Huo Ci’s Studio. She has Huo Ci backing her up. She can do whatever she wants in the capital. There’s no need for her to be afraid of anyone.”

Lu Shihao was already angry. Upon hearing his words, he was completely infuriated. He instantly stood up to leave. “I want to see how she will do whatever she wants. She doesn’t know what’s good for her. I’m giving her face by asking her to come over.”

Liang Shuye shot a look at the other rich second-generation heirs in the private room before getting up to follow him. He would be waiting to watch a good show later. He did not want to cause trouble, but she did not know how to appreciate kindness!

Ling Sheng put on her coat and took her bag. Then, she looked at her younger friends and reminded them, “Take a look. Don’t forget to take your things with you.”

Huang Chang and the others were checking if they had forgotten anything and were about to leave.

However, the door to the private room was kicked open with a bang. Liu Sui looked over warily and saw a few arrogant, domineering men standing at the door. He mustered his courage and rushed over to question them. “What are you doing here?”

Were they there to fight?

More than half of the boys were very angry. Upon seeing that someone had come to cause trouble, each of them puffed up their chest ferociously and stood behind Liu Sui. Was this a fight? They would fight to the end!

Upon seeing the raging flames on both sides and realizing that they would start fighting soon, Ling Sheng took a look at the fatty blocking the door.

The fatty was only about 30 years old, but he was very big. He looked weak due to alcohol and sex. His features should be alright, but his fat obscured most of them.

He should be the Fourth Master of the Lu Family, Lu Shihao. He walked over with a polite smile and gave Liu Sui and the others a look before asking, “May I help you?”

Lu Shihao’s face flushed red. “Ms. Ling, right? The waiter said you don’t know me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Lu Shihao, a fan of yours. May I have the honor of having a drink with you? Let’s have a fan club party.”

“Sorry, Fourth Master. We’re leaving soon. If there’s a chance, let’s do it next time!” Ling Sheng rejected him politely.

When she reached the door, she saw a few people standing behind him. The person in the middle was Liang Shuye.

She had been wondering how Lu Shihao had known about her. Upon seeing Liang Shuye, she understood. During Brother Bei’s birthday party last time, this scumbag had been dishonest and had looked at her with evil intentions.

Had he actually joined forces with Lu Shihao to put pressure on her this time? She had been in the entertainment circle for a long time, so she knew exactly what kind of dirty thoughts a man had.

“Why? Ms. Ling, are you just going to snub me?” Upon hearing this, Lu Shihao obviously knew that he was being brushed off. His eyes were dark and threatening. “It’s just a glass of wine. It won’t take you much time, Ms. Ling.”

“Sorry, I have something to do later. I really don’t have a choice.” Ling Sheng thought to herself, Who knows what you want to give me to drink? If I go to your territory, I’ll be at your mercy.

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