Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 427 - Not Giving Him Face

Chapter 427: Not Giving Him Face

“Ling Sheng has been a popular celebrity recently.” Liang Shuye’s eyes were full of lust. “Doesn’t the Fourth Master want to give her a try? Her figure is as soft as water, and her face is as pretty as a fairy’s. Only a beauty of that level is worthy of the Fourth Master. What kind of vulgar women are these?”

The man opposite him was the Fourth Master of the Lu Family, Lu Shihao. He had been in business with his family recently, and the people he had invited to eat and sing with him were all second-generation heirs. He was also used to flattering others, so the two of them had hit it off immediately.

Lu Shihao was a good-for-nothing who could not be redeemed. His usual hobby was spending money on women. However, he hesitated for a moment when he heard Ling Sheng’s name. “Young Master Liang, don’t tell me you don’t know that woman belongs to Huo Ci’s Studio!”

“Why? Fourth Master, are you afraid of Huo Ci? You’re the famous Fourth Master of the Lu Family. Even Huo Ci wouldn’t dare do anything to you. She’s just a minor celebrity managed by him. If you gave him more money, who would dare turn down money?” Liang Shuye had already understood Lu Shihao’s temper during this period.

He was useless, but he hated being called useless the most. When he went crazy, he did not care about anything.

He had been drooling over Ling Sheng for a long time. Every day, when he was in bed with another woman, his mind was filled with her face. He had been tortured to insanity by her.

This time, he had to get her. Acting all pure and lofty, are you? Let’s see if you will still be able to act that way when I’m done with you in bed!

“I’m afraid of Huo Ci? Who the hell is afraid of Huo Ci? Who the hell does he think he is?” When he heard this, Lu Shihao’s fat face contorted and he let out a cold laugh. “He’s just a piece of trash from the Huo Family. How dare he compare to me?”

Upon achieving his goal, Liang Shuye smiled and flattered him. “Exactly. Who does Huo Ci think he is? How can he be compared to you, Fourth Young Master Lu?”

“It’s a deal. I’ll make a move first.” Lu Shihao let out a vulgar laugh. That woman was pretty. Who cared who she was? He would get her first.

“Of course, Fourth Master!” Liang Shuye continued to flatter him with a smile and gave him a thumbs-up. “In the whole capital, only you deserve to be called a hero.”

Lu Shihao was overjoyed about being flattered. He called a waiter over and asked him to take a bottle of wine to Ling Sheng’s private room to check on her.

The waiter, who was holding a glass of red wine, pushed the door open and entered. He took a look at the private room. There were half-grown boys who looked around 15 to 16 years old there. There were only two girls, one of whom was actually Ling Sheng. She had been very popular recently, and her colleagues had been discussing her beauty. Those who were vulgar even fantasized about how much money she would get for one time. The waiter walked directly over to her and said, “Ms. Ling, this is 1982 Lafite. Fourth Young Master Lu is treating you.”

Ling Sheng frowned. “Sorry, I don’t know him. Take it back.”

The Fourth Master of the Lu Family?

Lu Shihao?

Her Fifth Uncle’s cheap nephew was not a good person. He was greedy and lecherous, a useless maggot addicted to prostitution and gambling.

“Ms. Ling, the Fourth Master asked me to ask if he could have the honor of inviting you to a gathering in a private room.” The waiter abided by Lu Shihao’s request and continued asking.

“Sorry, no.” Ling Sheng was baffled. How did Lu Shihao know she was in this room?

The waiter left with the wine and returned to report everything. He looked at the man in front of him respectfully. “Fourth Master, Ms. Ling said she doesn’t know you.”

“D*mn, you little b*tch! I gave you face, but you don’t want it!” Lu Shihao spat. He had not expected someone to dare not give him face. Celebrities in the entertainment circle, especially newbies who had just entered the circle, would get whatever they wanted.

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