Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 426 - Superficial

Chapter 426: Superficial

She had deliberately tried to please him on the show and had even written that misleading poem to make the fans misunderstand.

Now, she had canceled the Super Topic herself and banned the CP fans’ accounts!

Did she not want to form a CP with him? Or was she deliberately trying to attract his attention?

When Li Ge heard the sound of paper being torn, he took a careful look and saw the young master’s face darken. He hurriedly said, “Amitabha. God, I pray that this person does not throw a tantrum.”

When the number one CP fan on Weibo was banned, Ling Sheng thought that this scumbag Gu Shen must have done it. However, on second thought, it might not have been him. It might have been the doing of the petty and jealous old man in her family.

The gathering was coming to an end, and everyone was almost done eating. Liu Sui suggested that they sing, so they went to KTV together. Halfway through, Ling Sheng went to the washroom.

As soon as she walked out of the washroom, she was blocked by someone. When she looked up, she saw a weak face drained of all color. His burning eyes, which had dark circles under them, stared at her.

Liang Shuye?

He had been to Yu Bei’s birthday. He was his brother.

“Ms. Ling, what a coincidence.” Liang Shuye smiled at her. “Ever since we met last time, I’ve become your fan. I wonder if you can do me the honor of singing a song in the private room?”

Ling Sheng could not slap a smiling person. She thus smiled apologetically. “My friend is still waiting. We’re going back now. The car is downstairs. If there’s a chance, we’ll do it again.”

How could Liang Shuye not know what she was up to? She just did not want to agree. He said, “Okay, it’s a deal. Next time. Don’t stand me up, Ms. Ling.”

Ling Sheng was annoyed by his gaze, which was full of invasive intent. It felt as though he thought she was a piece of cake. She nodded and left.

Being pretty was troublesome. No matter where one went, one would always meet a disgusting person who stuck to them like a fly.

As Liang Shuye watched the woman’s back view, the burning possessiveness in his eyes was no longer concealed. The corners of his lips curled up in determination. He took a look at the private room she had entered before turning around to return to his private room.

In the luxurious private room, people were drinking, smoking, and playing, but no one was singing.

Liang Shuye pushed the door open and entered, only to be greeted by a beauty.

“Scram!” Liang Shuye pushed her away immediately, his heart burning with anger. Whenever he saw Ling Sheng, his eyes and mind were filled with images of her pure, beautiful face. When he looked at the uncultured people in the private room, he felt disgusted.

“Ah Ye, who offended you again?” The heir beside him took a glass of wine from the woman and took a sip before asking him this question.

“Just some disgusting beings.” Liang Shuye looked at the woman who had been pushed to the ground and was trying to pester him again. He pretended to kick her once more.

The beauty was so scared that her face turned pale. Upon seeing that a leg was about to land on her, she crawled away hurriedly. However, a big hand gently grabbed her arm. The fat man looked at Liang Shuye. “Why are you so angry? They’re all uncultured fans. What kind of person is worthy of your attention, Young Master Liang?”

Liang Shuye’s eyes blazed as he looked at the man opposite him. “Fourth Master, do you know who I just saw?”

“How would I know? Have you seen a beauty you like? Let’s have a drink. Is there a woman in this world who can stump you, Young Master Liang?” The fat man narrowed his eyes slightly with a sinister gaze.

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