Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 425 - One Step Before Him

Chapter 425: One Step Before Him

When Gu Shen saw the comments, his lips curled up in a proud smile. Then, his expression changed and he threw his phone.


He and Ling Sheng?

Even if he was single forever, he would not like a woman like Ling Sheng!

Were these CP maggots crazy? Were they possessed by their desire to date? How the hell could they say that he liked Ling Sheng? Their imagination was so amazing that they should donate their brains!

“Ah Shen, Director Chen Mo’s new movie lacks an actor last minute. Are you interested?” Li Ge walked in excitedly and made an announcement. When he saw the young master smash his phone, he was shocked. He picked up his phone hurriedly and saw the comments on it.

“Are they crazy? Are their brains full of sh*t?” Gu Shen’s handsome face darkened as he pointed at Li Ge angrily. “Destroy that Super Topic and their accounts. Do I like Ling Sheng? Do I like Ling Sheng?”

When Li Ge saw the comments, he knew what was going on. Anyway, whenever he encountered a topic related to Ling Sheng, the young master would be so irritable that he would explode. He hurriedly smiled apologetically. “Yes, I’ll get someone to ruin the hype immediately and solve this issue.”

When he heard that he would solve the problem immediately, Gu Shen’s anger dissipated a little. He switched to a tablet to play games and asked casually, “What did you just say?”

Upon hearing his question, Li Ge did not feel much hope. After all, he hated Ling Sheng so much that he would definitely not be willing to work with her. Ling Sheng was acting as the young female lead in Director Chen Mo’s new movie. He passed the notice over. “It’s about Director Chen Mo’s new movie. A supporting actor got into a car accident. He can’t make the schedule. They’re looking for an actor!”

Strangely enough, Director Chen Mo had sent so many invitations that almost all the actors in the entertainment circle had been invited to audition. Logically speaking, Ah Shen’s acting skills were not bad, but he had not received an invitation.

Upon hearing this, Gu Shen frowned. “Is there an audition invitation?”

“This is an advertisement issued by the film crew. Everyone can go for an audition.” Li Ge seemed to be quite interested, but he had to warn him lest he got even with him later. “However, Ling Sheng is part of this film crew, Ah Shen.”

Gu Shen let out a cold snort. He tapped his fingers on the table and said casually, “What does her presence in the film crew have to do with me? I just want to participate in Director Chen’s movie.”

Li Ge looked as though he had seen a ghost. He did not know who was the person who had claimed that he wouldn’t take on jobs in the future if Ling Sheng was part of them. He had so readily abandoned this principle just because this was Director Chen Mo’s film?

However, he was already thankful that he was willing to do this. He hurried over to tell him about the various benefits Director Chen Mo’s new movie would offer.

Before he could finish speaking, he heard his assistant knock on the door and say in a low voice, “Brother Li, the Super Topic has been canceled. The CP fans who created the Super Topic have also been banned.”

Li Ge nodded in satisfaction and patted his shoulder. “Look again. Ban every person who’s been leading this hooha. Do you know how much public relations spent on Weibo?”

The assistant shook his head and lowered his voice. “We didn’t do it. We were discussing the price with the website when the ban suddenly happened.”

Gu Shen’s hand, which was flipping through the script, suddenly froze. His grip on the piece of paper tightened, and the piece of paper crumpled immediately. It was torn apart easily.

How great of her!

He had yet to carry out the bans!

That stinky Ling Sheng had actually dared to ban the others before him!

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