Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 430 - A Fool

Chapter 430: A Fool

Ling Sheng had an illusion for a moment that her father was there. However, his voice was different. When she turned around, she saw that it was Huo Xuanzhou.

Huo Xuanzhou was a little drunk. The six bodyguards following him listened to his instructions and rushed over to attack. He walked over to Ling Sheng and suddenly lowered his head.

Upon smelling the strong smell of alcohol, Ling Sheng subconsciously took a step back. She saw Huo Xuanzhou take a step back as well, maintaining his distance from her. Then, he asked, “Are you alright?”

Ling Sheng was dumbfounded. He was concerned about her? Was he helping her? That was scary! Brother, did you forget that you swam back after getting off the boat at the charity banquet?

Huo Xuanzhou frowned as he looked at her dumbfounded face. He did not know if he was drunk, but he found her a little adorable. He raised his voice and repeated himself. “Are you alright?”

Ling Sheng shook her head and looked at him before pointing at Lu Shihao. “He grabbed my shoulder. It hurts.”

She did not know if she was crazy for complaining to Huo Xuanzhou, but she felt that the Huo Xuanzhou in front of her looked very simple-minded!

“F*ck!” Huo Xuanzhou turned around and glared at Lu Shihao ferociously. He walked toward him step by step and asked, “Which shoulder did you touch?”

Lu Shihao had not expected to meet Huo Xuanzhou and was so scared that he could not move. In terms of ruthlessness, no one in their generation could beat the son of a gun in front of them. He pretended to be calm. “I’m warning you, Huo Xuanzhou. This has nothing to do with you. Get as far away from your old man as you can.”

“Old man?” Huo Xuanzhou kicked him and let out a cold laugh. “Whose old man are you?”

It was one thing for Sixth Uncle to call himself someone else’s old man in front of him, but that scumbag Lu Shihao had dared to do so in front of him. He would kill him!

Lu Shihao’s people were all useless pieces of trash. They were like him, paper tigers without any actual strength. They were strong on the outside but weak on the inside. They were only bluffing. They could not compare to Huo Xuanzhou, who had been beaten up from a young age and had fought with others.

Ling Sheng felt a little confused. Upon seeing Huo Xuanzhou kick and punch Lu Shihao arrogantly, she actually caught a glimpse of him and was reminded a little of her biological father. They had similar personalities and fighting styles.

Huo Xuanzhou was drunk. The blood in his eyes rolled as he kicked the man’s face. “Who does Huo Ci think he is? Did you say that? If Huo Ci calls you grandpa, what should I call you?”

Lu Shihao was beaten until he screamed for help and asked people to call the police. However, no one dared to approach the spoiled heir, let alone call the police. He glared at his opponent angrily. “Huo Xuanzhou, you’re a really good dog. You’re quite loyal to Huo Ci after what he did to you!”

“What did he do to me?” Huo Xuanzhou kicked him again. Upon hearing his scream, he felt carefree. “How he treats me is my business. I’m happy to do this. He’s my uncle!”

Sixth Uncle was not a good person, as he would usually hit or scold him. However, for some reason, he could not hate him.

He was quite depressed about this. Perhaps he was being cheap and masochistic? Or was it because Sixth Uncle had saved his life when he was young?


It was not up to an outsider to comment on Sixth Uncle’s relationship with him!

“You treat him as your uncle, but does he treat you as his nephew?” Lu Shihao continued to be unafraid of death. Everyone knew that Huo Ci was not on good terms with the entire Huo Family. They were like fire and water.

In particular, Huo Xuanzhou’s father was the person who had nearly killed Huo Ci. As a member of a wealthy family, he knew very well what happened to wealthy people.

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