Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 418 - The Doorbell Rings

Chapter 418: The Doorbell Rings

He had left, but he had made him shoulder everything and live with the hatred and suspicions of Sixth Brother and the others. He had let him down.

However, he was finally relieved. This child, who had always shouldered everything silently, had an opportunity to speak and someone he loved deeply.

“What are you talking about, Second Brother? As long as you said the word, Ah Yan would do anything for you.” Jun Shiyan’s expression was full of respect.

The person he respected and trusted the most in his life was the man beside him. As a member of the Yan Family, he had done everything he could and everything the Yan Family’s ancestors had not dared to do. He had completely severed the heavy shackles that had bound the Yan Family.


His grandma was the daughter of the Yan Family, and he was his only second brother.

He would not hesitate even if he was asked to die for him, let alone do this. He had come to China from France at a young age. If it had not been for his second brother, he might have been reduced to a pile of bones long ago.

Humans had to grow up by fighting and killing. Given his current status, every step he took had to be taken over crushed bones. Behind success was not just sweat, but also blood and slaughter.

To him, he was an elder brother, a relative, a confidant, and a mentor on the road of life. Without him, he would not have been his current self.

“What would I want you to do?” Yan Yuanfei smiled and patted the wheelchair gently. “Ah Yan, I’ll take a nap. Call me when it’s time.”

Jun Shiyan lowered the volume of the video, and the image of the young lady being asked to blow the whistle happened to appear on the screen. Her serious look was so adorable that his heart melted. He could not help but smile.

Lu Yubai watched Ling Sheng blow the whistle, waiting for her to do it. However, he did not say anything. Instead, he patted his thigh and smiled. “Xiaoqi, look at your mother. She’s hilarious. Sheng Sheng, participate in more shows in the future. Your uncle will die of laughter.”

Why was she so funny?

She had even been pretending to whistle seriously, trying to bluff her way out. She had been exposed, but she had stayed calm and had actually blown the whistle. In the end, all she had blown was air.

Xiaoqi let out a snort and looked at Ling Sheng with his big eyes. He raised his small hands excitedly and shouted, “Mommy is really tall!”

Jiang Zhe could not help but laugh.

Huo Xiao and Su Xiyin smiled lovingly at their granddaughter. She was really adorable. Their granddaughter was really adorable.

Huo Ci, who was alone, had switched the channel to the H Province Television Station at some point in time. It was broadcasting “100 Transformations Broadcasting”. When he saw Ling Sheng whistling, he scolded her jokingly. “You fool.”

He refused to admit that he had given birth to this joker!

He would tell Xuelin later that he would definitely not let her appear on such a comedic reality show in the future. It would be too embarrassing for him!

Before he knew it, the show started coming to an end. Upon seeing Ling Sheng’s scheming tricks, Best Actor Huo nodded in satisfaction.

That brat had a lot of tricks up her sleeves, and her performance had been impressive. After the show was broadcast, there would definitely be a lot of discussions about her. He looked down at the comments on the internet.

[Ahhh, what if I become Ling Sheng’s fan?]

[Ha ha ha ha! I’m laughing so hard that my lower body is protesting. I thought I was crazy. I love Ling Sheng. This is hilarious.]

[Great minds think alike. I’m laughing at Ling Sheng. What kind of god is she? Oh my god, I’m dying of laughter.]

[Don’t say anything in advance. I watched the variety show while eating and spewed everything onto my laptop from laughing. Wuwuwu… You evil woman! Pay for my laptop, Ling Sheng.]

[I strongly request an edited version of Ling Sheng’s group. I love this evil woman to death. Dear experts, look over. I’m begging for help.]

Upon seeing this, Huo Ci let out a disdainful snort and threw his phone away. However, his eyes were full of pride as he put on his slippers to get some water.

The doorbell rang repeatedly. He frowned impatiently and asked, “Who’s there?”

Was that brat back?

Or was it the heartless Fifth Brother?

“Sixth Brother.” Yan Yuanfei’s voice was hoarse as he spoke. His hands, which were on his knees, were already clasped. He was actually a little nervous.

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