Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 417 - Faking Death to Escape

Chapter 417: Faking Death to Escape

After Ling Sheng finished sucking up, Gu Shen dismissed her with a single sentence.

Lu Yubai smiled until his stomach hurt. “Let me interview you. How did you feel back then?”

Ling Sheng was very polite. “It felt like I was down on my luck.”

Lu Yubai nodded vigorously. “That’s right. That brat Gu Shen is too much. Do you want Uncle to punish him for you?”

Ling Sheng agreed and said angrily, “Kill him!”

The commenters on the internet followed suit.

[F*ck, am I blind? Gu Shen is smiling. Did he laugh while Ling Sheng was reciting that?]

[You’re not blind. I can prove it. He really smiled. The live-stream can’t be replayed. Wait for me to replay it.]

[Am I crazy? I actually caught CP vibes between Ling Sheng and Gu Shen.]

[You’re not alone. I had this feeling too. Gu Shen smiled lovingly just now. Oh my, I think I’ve discovered something incredible.]

[Smiled lovingly, my *ss. There’s only death straight ahead. Get out of the live-stream if you want to push for a CP. My Shen Shen would never like Ling Sheng. She’s covered in dirt.]

[She’s using vulgarities! Report her!]

[You want to jump levels to racketeer? Are you f*cking blind? Which eye of yours saw that loving smile? I suggest you don’t donate your eyes to anyone.]

[Ugh, Ling Sheng is really disgusting. May I know when she will die? She’ll die a horrible death for having designs on my Shen.]

[Are you crazy? Why are you cursing her family as well?]

[Those who argue should get out of the live-stream. Stop arguing. How can my Old Qian’s variety show tolerate the insolence of celebrities like them?]

The bullet screen was instantly filled with a foul atmosphere. Gu Shen’s fans got angry and started scolding others directly. The Peanuts, the Eight Immortals’ fans, Chen Ye’s fans, and CP fans, as well as the loyal fans of both parties, appeared to help and report everyone that needed reporting because their idols had a good impression of Ling Sheng.

However, everyone soon realized that although bullet comments could be posted, not a single word scolding Ling Sheng could be posted. Gu Shen’s fans sat in front of their screens and exploded from anger.

Jun Shiyan looked at the comments, his handsome face looking dark and scary. When he hung up and saw that there were no more comments attacking her or scolding her, his expression gradually softened.

Yan Yuanfei looked at the angry man beside him with a cold face, and a smile appeared in his eyes. He had never seen Ah Yan’s emotions fluctuate so much.

No matter what, his expression remained unchanged despite the oppressing pressure. He had actually called and scolded the technical personnel for the young lady’s sake. He had even gotten someone to filter the comments and prevent any negative comments about her from appearing.

He was not very interested in the show, and he had told him that his eyes were not in a good condition and he could not see clearly anymore. However, when he heard the young lady’s voice and her hearty laughter, his heart, which had not stirred in a long time, felt joyful.

What an uplifting person. Sixth Brother was really lucky to have such a daughter.

He turned to look at the condominium outside the car window. Sixth Brother’s house was up there. In the past, he had come over frequently. However, as his health deteriorated, he could not remember many things clearly.

When was the last time he had come? It was probably the last time he’d had dinner with them. Perhaps it was after he had started planning to fake his death and escape!

“Second Brother.” Jun Shiyan looked at the man beside him. “You can go up after the variety show ends. He’s home alone.”

He had kicked Sheng Sheng, Xiaoqi, and the old couple of the Huo Family out. He wondered if he would be really happy if no one disturbed him.

“Okay.” Yan Yuanfei looked at the blurry image and said in a hoarse voice, “Ah Yan, it’s been hard on you all these years. I have let you down.”

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