Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 416 - Live Bullet Comments

Chapter 416: Live Bullet Comments

Lu Yubai finally hit the nail on the head. He smiled. “You’re going to eat vegetarian food!”

She was a foodie. Not only did she know how to cook, but she also knew how to eat. If she said that the food was delicious somewhere, it would definitely be delicious.

Ling Sheng chuckled foolishly. The truth had been revealed. “I’m really going there to pray so that filming will go smoothly.”

Lu Yubai, who did not know what she was up to, nodded. “Then I’ll try the vegetarian meals at their temple.”

Ling Sheng said, “Okay, I’ll talk to my friend and add you to the group.”

Actually, Sister Su Yi wanted her to accompany her. She was already preparing for her new album. She did not want it to become popular, but she wanted it to go smoothly. She did not want the company to suffer a loss.

In addition, Cheng Ye and Si Chengluo were about to enter the finals, so they would also be praying for their younger brothers to advance successfully.

The people who were in the first episode of “100 Transformations Broadcasting” had been on the hottest topics recently. A lot of fans would definitely start quarreling, and the comments would certainly not be peaceful.

During the first scene, when Luo Xin and Gu Shen were in the same group, the fans on both sides started to tear each other apart. The comments were nasty.

Luo Xin’s fans criticized Gu Shen for not being a man. He had dared to do it, but he did not dare to admit it. They had obviously been together, yet he had insisted that they were not together.

Gu Shen’s fans criticized Luo Xin’s fans for their shamelessness. They didn’t even take a look at their idol. They didn’t even know if she was worthy of being called a racketeer. She was a two-timing b*tch. Even though they had dated before, they would still trample her to death.

The streaming comments were filled with a cussing match that flooded the screen, blocking their faces. They were so angry that the Peanuts, the Eight Immortals fans, the Big Sister fans of Xiao Ye, the Little Xingchen fans of Ji Fanchen, Chen Ye’s fans, and Old Qian’s fans attacked them in groups. Soon, the duo was so angry that they did not dare make a sound.

There were a lot of CP fans of Chen Ye, and their fighting capabilities were very strong. Their organization and discipline were also very strong. Besides, CP fans were petty and lowly, so they did not dare promote their idol with great ado. Otherwise, they would be torn apart so badly that they would start doubting their own lives. The bullet comments they posted did not say anything about the two of them. When the time came, they would go back to create hype and have fun with their own people. They could not quarrel and make others laugh.

Three of the Eight Immortals had been grouped together, so the Eight Immortals’ fans were satisfied. They were really lucky. They had been grouped together after the first draw.

[That evil woman Ling Sheng bullied her younger brother again. Brother Chen, hit her!] Likes+888

[You, the one in red, don’t leave. I support you!] Likes+777

[Ahhh, my Sheng is really adorable. However, her face seems a little strange. Do you think it’s asymmetrical?]

[I think so. Don’t you think it’s a little swollen? I feel like eight layers of foundation have been applied. My Sheng debuted in “Everyone’s Magical Power Emergence” without makeup. She doesn’t really use makeup.]

[Can you watch the show properly? The production team put makeup on her, okay? It looks normal to me. There’s something wrong with your eyes!]

While watching television, Ling Sheng watched the bullet comments on the computer as well. She had not expected the Peanuts to be sharp-eyed enough to notice immediately that there was something wrong with her face.

It was indeed swollen. She had just been slapped the day before. How could it not be swollen?

Lu Yubai was like a live bullet screen of comments. He had a low laughing threshold that was affected by Ling Sheng. Whenever he saw her appear, he wanted to laugh.

When Ling Sheng deliberately missed Shangguan Yu, Lu Yubai said, “Niece, you’re in the same team, alright? Is it really beneficial to you to help the opponent?”

Ling Sheng, who got shot three times in a row, was dumbfounded.

Lu Yubai pointed at her and laughed. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tell me how you got shot like that. I won’t believe it even if you say you weren’t possessed by the god of variety.”

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