Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 415 - Seeking A Wife

Chapter 415: Seeking A Wife

Ling Sheng pinched her son’s face. “He’s already an adult. How can he starve? It’s not his first day alone.”

Then, she received a notification on her phone. She saw that her biological father had posted on Weibo.

Huo CiV: I was out for a week. Seeking urgent help. What should I do? Can they be saved? (Withered vegetables and fruit.jpg)

[What do you think you should do? Water them, big boss. The ground is so dry that it’s cracked. Seriously, man.]

[Ci, I’m begging you. Don’t cause living creatures trouble again. You should cause us trouble. Don’t pity delicate me.]

[One: Water them. Two: Water them. Three: Water them. Ci, stop taking care of flowers and grass. You can take care of me. I’ll definitely take good care of myself. I won’t make you worry. I won’t turn out like the picture.]

[Ahhh, they’re dead again. I knew this would happen. Do you remember when he grew flowers five years ago? He didn’t go home after filming for half a year. By then, they were all in paradise.]

[Let’s have a moment of silence. Little creatures, take care. I’ll pray for you. Don’t fall into his hands in your next life.]

Upon seeing the comments, Ling Sheng could not help but want to water the plants. She knew that he was pretending to be pitiful by posting that.

Xiaoqi, who had sharp eyes, saw it too. His anxious voice changed as he said, “Mommy, the saplings are dead. Let’s go back and take a look!”

Ling Sheng shrugged, shook her head, and sighed. “We can’t go back. Life and death are up to fate. It’s not something we can control.”

Xiaoqi felt so terrible that he wanted to cry. He muttered sadly, “But those vegetable babies are so pitiful…”

When Lu Yubai heard the mother and son’s conversation, he stuck his head out to take a look. He knew that Huo Ci had deliberately posted on Weibo. Ever since he had met Sheng Sheng, Best Actor Huo, who had not posted on Weibo in a year and a half, had been posting more and more frequently. If he remembered correctly, he had posted twice this month.

The old man, whose nest was now empty. felt terrible, aggrieved, and sad. He had thus started to seek comfort online. He was really impressive.

“Xiaoqi, after watching the variety show later, your uncles will punish your grandpa and get him to water the vegetable babies.” Lu Yubai comforted the little fella.

Xiaoqi nodded hurriedly. “Great Uncle, let me tell you something. All plant babies need different levels of watering. The watering can is right beside them. Tell Grandpa not to get it wrong. Otherwise, the babies will not be able to grow healthily.”

Lu Yubai carried him directly to his lap and listened to him say that the baby vegetables were really adorable. It made him want to have a baby.


However, he had to find a girlfriend first.

Speaking of the people around him…

His eldest brother was married and had an eight-year-old child.

Second Brother… No matter what, Second Brother had someone who loved him deeply. She had entered a Buddhist nunnery to pray for him for decades.

Fourth Brother was a stubborn person. He would not be able to change that for the rest of his life, but no matter what, he had a woman he loved deeply in his heart.

Sixth Brother… Forget it, talking about him was infuriating .

As for him, why couldn’t he bump into a woman that would make him love her deeply? If he did not bump into such a woman, he would really end up an old bachelor.

“Fifth Uncle!” Ling Sheng called out as she smiled at him. “My friend has arranged to meet me at the Water Moon Convent on Sunday. Do you want to join us?”

“Are you going to pay your respects to Buddha?” Lu Yubai thought to himself that she was about to start filming her new drama. It would be good for her to pay her respects.

“No.” Ling Sheng smiled ambiguously and said, “I’m going to offer incense and pray to Buddha so that filming will go smoothly. You can ask to get married. My friend said that although the temple is a little small, it’s very efficacious. It’s not well-known, and there are few visitors. The vegetarian dishes there are also very delicious.”

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