Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 419 - Cruel Heart

Chapter 419: Cruel Heart

The glass in Huo Ci’s hand fell to the ground with a loud thud. Glass shards flew everywhere, and his voice started trembling. “Second Brother?”

Yan Yuanfei nodded lightly. “Can I come up?”

Huo Ci dashed out of the house like a madman and pressed the elevator button. When he reached the first floor, he felt as though his chest was about to explode and his heart was in turmoil.


The elevator opened.

Yan Yuanfei watched as the elevator door opened bit by bit, revealing the person in the elevator. He smiled. “Sixth Brother, how have you been?”

At that moment, Huo Ci only had one feeling. His head was pounding, and his eyes were red. After the shock and surprise he felt, there was only anger left. He felt irritated about being deceived. However, when he saw Jun Shiyan standing beside him, he suppressed his anger and gritted his teeth. “Come in!”

No, calm down. No matter how angry he was or how much he wanted to kill him, he could not lose his composure in front of Old Jun’s grandchildren.

Jun Shiyan looked at Yan Yuanfei worriedly. “Second Brother.”

Yan Yuanfei patted his hand to reassure him. “I’m fine. Go do your job!”

There was dead silence in the elevator. Only Huo Ci’s heavy, suppressed breathing could be heard, and a salty taste spread from his throat.

Why had he not thought of that?

Why had he not thought of that?

He and Jun Shiyan were cousins.

Third Master Jun, that cold-blooded and heartless monster, cared about him the most. How could he have dragged an ignoble existence out of that explosion?

“Sixth Brother.” Yan Yuanfei knew that things were definitely not that simple. Upon seeing that he was still the same as before and was full of vigor, he felt relieved.

Huo Ci did not speak, but he shot him a cold look. The corners of his lips curled up, revealing bone-chilling mockery and anger.

Upon receiving the young lady’s message, Jun Shiyan had driven to the district next door to find her. Coincidentally, he had driven past Lu Yubai’s car.

Lu Yubai had stopped the car at the apartment building.

Jiang Zhe looked at him. “How are we going up? Sixth Brother will definitely not let us up.”

Lu Yubai smiled as he took out two cards and started explaining complacently. “This is an elevator card, and this is a door card.”

Jiang Zhe rolled his eyes at him in disdain. “If Sixth Brother finds out, he’ll kill you.”

Lu Yubai smiled fearlessly. “He’s just stubborn and soft-hearted. Don’t worry, he won’t be able to kill me.”

When he had gone over today, he had seen a few spare ones in the shoe cabinet, so he had taken two of them. Although Sixth Brother had said that he was annoyed and had kicked his daughter and grandson out, he had actually been reluctant to part with them. He had even prepared spare cards.

Jiang Zhe could not do anything to him. Even if he wanted to settle the score, it would not be his fault.

The duo got out of the car and entered the condominium building. They swiped their cards and boarded the elevator, planning to see if the middle-aged, irritable old man in the empty nest had eaten or gone out to have fun.

Huo Ci started to throw an angry punch, only to stop right in front of the man. His body was trembling due to excessive anger and shock.

“Sixth Brother, if you punch me, I might lose half my life.” Yan Yuanfei looked at him. “However, if you think you have to hit me to vent your anger, then do it!”

“How great of you! Great!” Huo Ci’s anger was boiling, and his fists were trembling violently. In the end, he retracted his hand. His eyes were red as he pointed at him and bellowed, “Second Brother Yan, do you think this is interesting? Do you think lying to me gives you a sense of accomplishment? I shouldn’t have become brothers with a heartless person like you!”

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