Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: I’m Ling Xiao Qi, The Apartment Belongs To My Uncle

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Ling Sheng signed the contract without giving it much thought. “Do you have anything else to add?”


“I’ve instructed Manqing to accompany you to the banquet tomorrow. She’ll fetch you directly from the filming site.”

Then, Mei Xuelin went through the list of things that Ling Sheng should take note of during the banquet. She also tried to calm her nerves. She would be absent from the banquet tomorrow due to her business trip. That said, Du Manqing’s presence could measure up to hers.

When Ling Sheng reached the door with the signed contract in hand, Mei Xuelin could not suppress her nosey nature and probed discreetly. “Have you confirmed your relationship with Huo Ci?”

Ling Sheng could not help but roll her eyes.

Confirm what?

He was her biological father!

Mei Xuelin had just reached the front when she was stopped by Shang Jiaren, who shot her a hasty look. “Sister Mei, I’m Shang Jiaren, Ling Sheng’s good friend. Did she mention me? I want to work for your company wholeheartedly and I revere you in particular. If I can work as an artist under you, I’ll definitely work a lot harder. I hope you can give me a chance.”

She could refuse anything. She only wanted to become an artist who was managed by Mei Xuelin and she would do anything to achieve that.

“I’m sorry, Miss Shang, but my time is precious. By taking on Ling Sheng, I have already reached my limits. I have little energy left to take on other artists.” Mei Xuelin rejected her indirectly.

Why did this woman not have any sense of self-awareness? Which part of her was outstanding enough to attract her attention? Her acting skills? Looks? EQ or IQ?

There was nothing she could give her. Did this woman think she picked artists blindly and would choose all the items presented before her?

“Sister Mei, I really plan to have a prolonged presence and consistent development in the entertainment circle. Please give me a chance!” Shang Jiaren tried with all her might to put up the facade of an eager, nervous, excited, and yet worried face. She looked up with a pair of crystal-clear eyes, earning the pity of Sister Mei.

“My apologies, but I don’t plan on taking on any more artists currently. Hopefully, we can work together if the opportunity arises next time.” Mei Xuelin smiled unabashedly. “Sorry, I have some urgent matters to attend to. I have to go now.”

“Sister Mei…” Shang Jiaren tried to chase after her, but the woman had already left, with the sound of her high heels clicking and clacking mightily off the ground, making her seem like a queen.

She bit her lips forcefully and clenched her fists, jealousy welling within the depths of her eyes as hatred rolled in waves.

On what basis had she said that?

Which part of Ling Sheng was stronger than her?

Why would she rather sign a contract with Ling Sheng, who was a newbie, and not with her?


They might as well wait and see. One day, she would stand at the apex of the entertainment circle. Then, those who had once belittled her would be begging her on their knees!

Su Xiyin had heard from the housekeeper that Huo Ci would be out shooting for one week and would not be at home. She thought of going over to clean his house, conveniently bringing over the marinated vegetables as well.


She did not expect to be greeted by a clean boy who ran over from the living room when she tapped her card. The boy seemed to be around three years old.

Ling Xiao Qi had just gotten back from the kindergarten when he heard the door open.

Thus, he ran out of the room and saw an attractive lady. “Hi, Auntie.” He greeted her politely.

This auntie looked prettier and younger than his past aunties.

Su Xiyin finally asked when she recovered from the shock, “Little child, do you live here?”

She did not know whether she should be shocked, pleasantly surprised, or scared at the moment.

Had Ci Er1had a child behind her back?

But the child was at least three years old!


Even if he possessed great ability, he would not be able to hide it from the family for that long!


“Auntie, I’m Ling Xiao Qi. The apartment belongs to my uncle. My aunt and I are just staying here temporarily. Aunt said that we will move out once we have the money.” Ling Xiao Qi had memorized the script well.


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