Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: He Would Break His Dog Legs

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Su Xiyin was at a loss instantly. Not knowing what to ask, she started to scrutinize the child, who had fair, rosy skin but did not resemble Ci Er at all.


“Auntie.” Ling Xiao Qi was looking at her in alarm as he asked, “Are you the helper my uncle hired to cook and clean the house?”

Or was she one of the paparazzi Grandpa had mentioned?

Was she a foe who was there to dig up Grandpa’s secrets?

Upon seeing the child’s suspicious face, Su Xiyin gave him a gentle smile. He was a clever child. “Yes, I’m the part-time helper. I’m here to cook.”

Ling Xiao Qi heaved a big sigh of relief, his face looking immensely adorable.

The more Su Xiyin looked at him, the fonder she grew of him. She would wait for that scumbag Ci Er to get back before she commented further. How dared he raise a child secretly in his apartment?

His father would break his dog legs if he found out about it!

“Auntie, let me help you!” Ling Xiao Qi, who was an extremely clever child, rushed forward on his short legs to help her wash the vegetables.


“Xiao Qi, do you know how to wash vegetables?”

“When Mum… When Aunt is not home, I cook my own noodles.” Ling Xiao Qi spoke too fast and ended up saying the wrong thing. He watched the lady in front of him carefully.

“That’s formidable, Xiao Qi.” Su Xiyin’s heart ached a little.

The child knew how to cook by himself even though he was so young. What kind of life had he been living?

Ci Er was at fault too. How could he not have discussed this big issue with the family?

Ling Xiao Qi, who had a sweet mouth, was a very helpful boy that ran around the house on his short legs, never once stopping as he assisted with the chores.

He stared at Su Xiyin with big eyes.

This lady was different from the previous ladies who had come to clean their house. She had asked him to address her as “Grandma” instead of “Auntie”.

She also spoke gently and softly, which he liked.

Su Xiyin was so happy that she kept smiling.

The child did not look like Ci Er, so he might have taken after his mother.

However, his personality was very much like Ci Er’s personality when he was younger.

Not only was he smart and sensible, but he also knew how to sweet-talk and make others very happy.

If this was indeed Ci Er’s child and her grandson, how wonderful would that be?


She had always dreamed about having a grandchild.

Even though there were many children in the household, none of them was her biological grandchild. No matter how well she treated them, there would always be some distance between them.

She looked forward to Ci Er having a child in this lifetime for her to dote on.

If he and the mother had no time to raise the child, they could let her and the Old Man [1.Her husband.] take care of it.


Ling Sheng had relatively few scenes to film that day so she got off work at seven o’clock.

When she got home, it was already 8:30.

The moment she opened the door, she saw Ling Xiao Qi sitting on the sofa with a picture book. Upon seeing her return, he smiled sweetly. “Aunt, you’re back.”

Ling Sheng frowned. The little fella pointed to the kitchen and gave her a meaningful look, signaling that someone was in the house.

The aroma of food wafted into the living room. Ling Sheng walked over to see a lady stirring porridge with a ladle. “Are you the new helper? What happened to Auntie Zhu?”

“You’re back.” Su Xiyin cleaned her hands on her apron a little nervously. Then, she turned to scrutinize the girl standing at the entrance.

She was an attractive girl with exquisite features. Her eyes were as clear as day, and she could tell immediately that she was a good person.


She was too young!

What was Ci Er doing?

How could he let her reproduce given her young age?


That was indeed unreasonable!

If the Old Man at home found out about this, he would skin Ci Er alive!

Ling Sheng felt the strange look in the lady’s scrutinizing eyes.

Was she really a new helper? Her skin was well-maintained, and she seemed to be a graceful fifty-year-old lady.

She was also very skinny and she was wearing a grey linen cotton dress.

She had fine features, gentle eyes, and gave off a polished vibe.

She must have been a great beauty when she was younger.

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