Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Why Do You Look At Her As Though She Is A Fool?

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Some people were just really thick-skinned. Even the elegant, capable, and beautiful Mei Xuelin could not catch her scumbag father’s eye, let alone someone like her!

As they were talking, Mei Xuelin walked straight into the changing room. “Sheng Sheng!” she called out.


Mei Xuelin was in corporate attire, which fit her devil’s figure impeccably. In combination with her exquisite makeup and flaming red lips, she definitely exuded the regal aura of a mature lady.

Upon looking at Shang Jiaren, who was giving her a massage, Ling Sheng frowned silently.

The eternal supporting female lead.

Shang Jiaren.

She had started out as a social media influencer and a small artist at Ding Xu Media. Although she did not have any real talent or substance, she was in the habit of bribing, conspiring, and speaking ill of other artists in order to boost her own fame. Any male or female artist who had worked with her before had fallen for her evil ways. She also had many online aliases she used to make negative comments about people around her.

Two days ago, she had even bought some media space and compared her acting skills to those of the female lead, Luo Xin. She had forcefully described herself as somewhat of an acting goddess and said that Luo Xin was not even fit to hold her shoes for her. As a result, she had been heavily criticized by Luo Xin’s fans. Shang Jiaren had stepped forward to apologize and presented herself as a victim of cyberbullying, claiming that the media had maligned her while she had been unaware.

Before Ling Sheng could say anything, Shang Jiaren spoke first with a tone full of worship and adoration. “Sister Mei, what brings you here?”

Mei Xuelin was the top agent in the entertainment industry and she was called a mass producer of male and female movie megastars. As long as artists signed a contract with her, even if they did not become movie megastars, they were bound to lead a bombastic life of fame.

“Do you mind leaving the room just for a while?” Mei Xuelin smiled politely.

“Sister Mei, you came to look for Sheng Sheng? Are you her agent?” Shang Jiaren pretended to be surprised.

“Yes.” Mei Xuelin nodded and gave her a forced smile. “Can you leave the room now?”

Shang Jiaren’s chest tightened with jealousy and envy. She smiled at Mei Xuelin and then glanced at Ling Sheng. “Sheng Sheng, I’ll go out now. Sister Mei, you two have a good chat.”

The door closed.

Shang Jiaren leaned against the wall. There was a scary look in her eyes, and her fists were clenched tight.

She would not take this lying down!

What did she have?

Just what did Ling Sheng have to deserve all that?

She had not even graduated from high school and she was just a brainless bimbo. Why did she deserve to work with Huo Ci’s Studio? And why did she deserve to be an artist managed by Mei Xuelin?


Mei Xuelin was about to speak, when she saw Ling Sheng get up to open the door and then chuckle upon seeing the person hiding behind it. “Sister Jiaren, you are still here!”

Shang Jiaren had meant to eavesdrop on their conversation but had not expected to get caught red-handed. She laughed awkwardly. “My shoulder strap fell. I was just adjusting it.”

When Mei Xuelin heard Shang Jiaren’s lame excuse, she glanced over sharply with a look so cold that it could pierce someone’s heart.

Shang Jiaren’s hair stood on end as she caught the look on Mei Xuelin’s face. She shuddered before she smiled at the two of them and left.

Mei Xuelin closed the door and gave Ling Sheng a warning look. “Stay away from her.”

“I have a week left before production ends. I don’t want to offend anyone,” said Ling Sheng with a laugh. She then pulled a chair for Mei Xuelin and said, “My dear agent, don’t worry. I’m not a silly little girl. I know who I can mix around with and who I shouldn’t mix around with.”


Did she really have to look at her like she was a fool?

“I’m glad you know. This evergreen supporting actress shows one thing and does another.” Mei Xuelin handed the contract over to Ling Sheng. “I amended one of the terms. Do have a look.”

Ling Sheng flipped through the document and studied the red highlighted part. “During the term of the contract, the artist is not allowed to be involved in any romantic relationships.”

“This is mainly due to your young age. I’m afraid that you can’t withstand the temptations of the entertainment industry and will end up doing something foolish. I hope you don’t mind me adding that clause!” Mei Xuelin clearly saw Ling Sheng’s lips twitch and her face turn sullen.

That was it.

She knew this girl was clever enough to see through her tactics at once.

In the middle of the night, Megastar Huo had called her urgently just to ask her to add this clause. He had also ordered Mei Xuelin not to let Ling Sheng know it was his idea and had asked her to come up with an excuse for the clause.

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