Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 89 - Wanted Nothing More Than To Glue Her Eyes To Him

Chapter 89: Wanted Nothing More Than To Glue Her Eyes To Him

If that happened, even if Lu Liangwei were innocent, she could easily become guilty.

People usually tend to side with the weaker person. Everyone would be more inclined to believe the little palace maid if they saw Lu Liangwei act out of control.

If the situation intensified, nobody would bother digging out the truth because everyone would only focus on Lu Liangwei’s vicious and bullying antics, and this matter would then surely be spread throughout the imperial capital.

If that were to happen, the little palace maid could still achieve her goal.

However, Lu Liangwei’s current reaction was far beyond her expectations.

The little palace maid was sweating profusely in panic, at a loss for what to do.

After all, she really did not have evidence to prove that Lu Liangwei had pushed her into the water.

“Second Miss Lu, I’m sure you wouldn’t be so stupid as to leave evidence behind. The way you’re interrogating her makes you seem guilty instead!”

Long Chi was blatant and unrelenting with his words as if he had already believed the little palace maid and was convinced that Lu Liangwei had pushed her into the water.

As everyone thought of the previous relationship between the two, tacit understanding flickered in their eyes.

Lu Liangwei turned her gaze toward Long Chi, her eyes harboring a cold indifference.

Long Chi clenched his fists. He disliked this gaze of hers immensely.

When her glimmering eyes looked over at him, they became deadly calm and displayed an apathy as if they were looking at a stranger.

She was not like this before. This woman had wanted nothing more than to glue her eyes to him in the past.

It seemed that this woman had become cleverer and had learned how to play hard to get.

An intriguing smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips. “Oh, it seems that Your Highness has already believed her. In that case, how does Your Highness plan to convict me without acquiring any evidence?”

Hearing this, Long Chi suddenly came back to his senses. An ominous darkness flashed across his eyes.

When did this woman become so clever with her words?

Without acquiring any evidence?

Was she saying that he, the kingdom’s dignified Heir Apparent, only knew how to act on impulse?

With that thought in mind, sure enough, he sensed several assessing and scrutinizing gazes on him.

Long Chi narrowed his eyes. He had really underestimated this good-for-nothing girl.

“I’m not saying that I believe her…”

Lu Liangwei interrupted him again. “So Your Highness didn’t believe this palace maid. In that case, how does Your Highness plan to handle this matter without any witnesses or physical evidence?” As she spoke, she pointed to the little palace maid. “She’s still waiting for Your Highness to seek justice for her.”

This was originally a simple matter, but Long Chi could not deal with it so casually in front of the Emperor and court officials.

Moreover, Lu Liangwei kept mentioning the necessity of evidence. If he settled this matter without any evidence, his uncle would definitely think that he was a careless problem-solver.

Just when Long Chi was internally preparing to shift the blame to the little palace maid, she suddenly pulled up her sleeve and said loudly, “Doesn’t Second Miss Lu want evidence? I have it on my body.”

Long Chi felt gleeful when he heard this announcement, but the little palace maid pulled up her sleeve only to reveal her fair arm.

Lu Liangwei looked at her composedly. “What evidence?”

The next moment, the little palace maid’s excited expression froze on her face, along with the hand holding her sleeve.

Why was there nothing at all?

She had clearly felt a prick on her arm at that time.

She thought that Lu Liangwei must have pricked her with a sharp object, like a needle.

Something like that would definitely leave marks on the skin.

That was why she immediately pulled up her sleeve triumphantly when she recalled this.

However, there was not a single mark on her fair arm.

Seeing that the little palace maid had frozen up without a word, Long Chi pressed, “What evidence?”

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