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Chapter 90 - Was It To Attract His Attention

Chapter 90: Was It To Attract His Attention

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Lu Liangwei observed his anxious countenance.

She snorted disdainfully in her heart.

There was no way she would let him get the goods on her.

Was she such a careless person?

Since she had already done it, she would not leave any trace behind.

“I don’t know who ordered you to frame me, but I’ll pretend that this didn’t happen, and I hope that you’ll tread wisely from now on,” Lu Liangwei looked at the little palace maid and said generously.

Long Chi’s expression sank. “Second Miss Lu, isn’t it too early for you to be saying this?”

Lu Liangwei smiled faintly. “Then what other opinions does Your Highness wish to offer? Have you found evidence that I pushed her into the water?”

Long Chi’s throat tightened. He found the smile on her face extremely glaring.

When did this woman become such a pain to deal with?

After a long while, Long Chi finally said, “I don’t have evidence for now, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t find it.”

“In that case, Your Highness can convict me after you’ve found the evidence.” Lu Liangwei bowed slightly to him. “His Majesty has something to ask me, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Long Chi clenched his fists. If there were not so many people present, he would not hesitate to grab her and question her fiercely to force her to explain her current attitude. Was it to attract his attention?

Long Yang stood on one side with his hands behind his back. He had not interfered in the exchange since the beginning.

At this moment, when he saw Lu Liangwei walking toward him, a hint of a smile flashed across his eyes.

He had already witnessed her sharp tongue in action before this, so he was not very surprised to see Long Chi rendered speechless after being countered by her.

It was just that…

He glanced at Long Chi thoughtfully.

Although he was not very satisfied with this heir apparent, he understood his character well.

Long Chi was usually not an impulsive person, but he was clearly a little hasty with how he handled things today, especially in front of Lu Liangwei. In fact, he even lacked the forbearance an heir apparent should have.

Thinking of the history between the two of them, he frowned.

Seeing that Lu Liangwei had already come over, he did not speak and turned to walk off in the direction of Hidden Dragon Palace.

Lu Liangwei paused for a bit while staring at his retreating figure, then followed.

There was a gleam in the Pure Consort’s eyes as she watched them walking off in tandem. At the same time, she felt a slight bitterness inside.

The Emperor still refused to spare her a proper glance.

Her heart was full of loneliness and helplessness.

The little palace maid was still indignant as she stared at Lu Liangwei walking away scot-free.

When she turned and saw the Crown Prince standing there, she immediately moaned, “Please seek justice for me, Your Highness…”

Long Chi eyed her with disgust and said pointedly, “Only if you have evidence to prove that Second Miss Lu pushed you.”

The little palace maid froze.

Evidence? How would she have any evidence?

She only dared to accuse Lu Liangwei in front of the Emperor and the Crown Prince because she had thought that Lu Liangwei would cause a scene with her bad temper. However, she did not expect Lu Liangwei to act so differently from what the rumors suggested.

This caused all her efforts to go down the drain.

Long Chi noted her hesitation and instantly realized what was going on.

It seemed that Lu Liangwei had not been completely lying. This little palace maid was indeed suspicious.

“Your Highness, although I don’t have evidence, it was really Second Miss Lu who pushed me. If not for the palace guards, I would have already…” She trailed off and burst into tears.

Long Chi said coldly, “If there’s no evidence, I can’t do anything for you.” With that, he ignored her and left with his entourage.

Meanwhile, Lu Liangwei followed Long Yang for a while in silence. They were still a distance away from Hidden Dragon Palace when she suddenly heard the man’s low voice come from in front of her. “Why were you in the palace today?”

“Your Majesty, I was invited by the Crown Princess to attend the Flower Admiring Banquet at the Eastern Palace…”

She gave a concise account of what had happened.

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