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Chapter 88 - Long Yang Was The Only Exception

Chapter 88: Long Yang Was The Only Exception

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The color drained from the little palace maid’s face.

She probably did not expect things to turn out this way. At the sight of a group of eunuchs coming over to drag her away, she hurriedly scurried forward on her knees and kowtowed to Long Yang, crying out with an aggrieved expression, “Your Majesty, I’ve been wronged. Please seek justice for me.”

The little palace maid was still young, and the way she was soaked to the bone and shivering on her knees made her look even more weak and pitiful.

Long Yang still did not speak, but the court officials behind him could barely stand to see her miserable figure. “Your Majesty, this palace maid was reckless, but she might have really been wronged.”

Long Yang shifted his gaze to Long Chi, who had remained silent all this time. “In that case, the Crown Prince can stay and listen to her story. If she has truly been wronged, you can deal with the matter accordingly.”

Long Chi was stunned for a while, then stepped out from among the court officials and said reverently, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Under everyone’s astonished stares, Long Yang turned to Lu Liangwei and ordered her, “Second Miss Lu, I have something to ask you. Come with me.”

With that, he headed off in the direction of the Hidden Dragon Palace without care for Lu Liangwei’s wishes.

Lu Liangwei frowned. She was about to follow when the little palace maid changed her expression abruptly and shouted, “Second Miss Lu, you can’t go! Are you going to leave just like this after almost killing me?”

At that moment, everyone’s eyes fell on Lu Liangwei. Even Long Yang, who had already taken a few steps forward, stopped and turned around, looking at Lu Liangwei in surprise.

Lu Liangwei looked at the little palace maid without the slightest hint of panic and asked calmly, “Oh, I almost killed you? And how did I do that?”

As the little palace maid met her unruffled gaze, her heart thumped. She could not help clenching her fists, but she put on a calm front and said, “I kindly led the way for you, but you secretly tried to kill me by pushing me into the lake. If not for the palace guards who had happened to pass by and rescued me, I would have drowned. Second Miss Lu, there’s no history between us, so why did you try to kill me?”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically when they heard her words.

How vicious of Second Miss Lu to not even spare a little palace maid.

Long Chi’s eyes glinted with coldness and mockery, not seeming to be in the least bit surprised.

Not only was Lu Liangwei an unskilled dimwit, but she was also vicious in nature.

When Shuang’er was still in the Grand Duke Mansion, she was often bullied by this girl.

Lu Liangwei was already infamous for her bad reputation, so when the little palace maid suddenly accused her, almost everyone at the scene believed her.

However, Long Yang was the only exception.

Even in the face of everyone’s accusing stares, Lu Liangwei did not get angry. She merely found the situation a little funny and the corners of her mouth raised slightly. “That’s right. There’s no history between us, so why would I try to kill you?”

The little palace maid was stunned. Why was this Lu Liangwei so different from the one in the rumors?

Why was she not losing her temper after being accused like this in front of a crowd?

She had countered so calmly that the little palace maid was at a momentary loss of how to respond.

After all, she was still young, and a trace of panic flashed across her face at Lu Liangwei’s sudden question.

“You can’t answer that either, can you?” Lu Liangwei smiled softly. “You said that I pushed you into the water, but I say that you’re framing me.”

The little palace maid’s expression changed, and she cried in a shrill voice, “I’m not…”

“Not what?” Lu Liangwei interrupted her. “You said that I pushed you into the water, but you need to show evidence. If you don’t have evidence, then you’re framing me.”

The little palace maid was drenched in a cold sweat. She had thought that Lu Liangwei would be easy to deal with. She believed that all she had to do was accuse her in front of everyone, and Lu Liangwei would lose her temper and rush forward to attack her.

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