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Chapter 87 - A Little Annoyed

Chapter 87: A Little Annoyed

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Just then, a group of people walked over.

Long Yang was at the forefront, followed by the Crown Prince and several court officials.

When the little palace maid spotted the Crown Prince, her eyes flashed, and she suddenly broke free of Cai Yu’s grip to turn back.

Lu Liangwei had also seen Long Yang and Long Chi behind him.

In an instant, she came to a realization.

So this was what was going on.

The little palace maid had known in advance that the Emperor, the Crown Prince, several court officials, and even the Pure Consort would pass by here at this time. The girl deliberately led her down this path and pretended to push her into the water by accident.

After that, Lu Liangwei would be rescued by the palace guards in a soaking-wet state. Long Yang and Long Chi’s group would happen to pass by and witness this. In the following day, gossip about Second Miss Lu of the Grand Duke Family being defiled would be spread everywhere.

Of course, the Emperor and the Crown Prince would never stoop so low as to spread such tales, but there were several court officials, palace maids, and eunuchs behind them, not to mention the Pure Consort and her palace maids. In short, there would be no shortage of transmitters of gossip.

Such an incident would tarnish her already notorious reputation even further.

She was no longer surprised when she saw the little palace maid turn back and kneel in front of the Emperor.

The Pure Consort’s face lit up when she saw Long Yang, and she hurriedly urged her palace maids forward to greet him, but she took care not to get too close.

Lu Liangwei furrowed her brow. She wanted to stay hidden among the Pure Consort’s palace maids, but before she could make a move, Long Yang’s penetrating eyes had already looked over in her direction.

She lowered her eyes and stepped forward to give him a formal greeting.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

With so many people around, she could not fake her actions and knelt firmly on the floor.

Long Yang raised his eyebrows and eyed her in surprise.

Why was this girl here?

After some time, Lu Liangwei still did not hear the Emperor’s command to rise and could not help feeling a little annoyed.

Her skin hurt from kneeling on the hard and rough floor.

“Your Majesty, please help me…”

At this moment, the little palace maid who had been ignored suddenly raised her voice and cried out, attracting everyone’s attention.

However, Long Yang did not even spare her a glance, his gaze staying on the top of Lu Liangwei’s dark head of hair.

Although she was lowering her head in a seemingly docile and meek manner, he had a feeling that this girl was feeling very displeased right now.

She seemed to resent the act of prostration.

He stayed silent for a long time, and even the Pure Consort sensed something was off about him.

Although she did not need to prostrate, she had been maintaining a curtsy. At this moment, her legs were starting to tremble, and she could not help feeling a little anxious.

“All of you may rise,” Long Yang finally spoke.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Everyone stood up immediately in relief.

Lu Liangwei massaged her knees subconsciously.

The skin of her current body was very delicate and sensitive to pain. After kneeling for such a long time, she felt a tingling pain on her skin.

She frowned imperceptibly.

She decided that it was better to stay away from the palace and the Emperor in the future.

Otherwise, she could kiss her knees goodbye after a few more sessions of kneeling.

Of course, apart from the undesirable pain, she really disliked the feeling of prostrating before someone.

Seeing that her cry had failed to attract the Emperor’s attention, the little palace maid was frustrated and called out a second time, “Your Majesty, please help me.”

Only then did Long Yang shoot a glance at her, but he did not say anything.

Zhao Qian sensed his master’s impatience and immediately berated her with a scowl, “Which palace are you from? How dare you cause such a ruckus in front of His Majesty? Someone take this misbehaving palace maid away.”

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