Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 86 - Arousing An Inexplicable Sense Of Uneasiness

Chapter 86: Arousing An Inexplicable Sense Of Uneasiness

“I assumed that this greeting would suffice,” Lu Liangwei replied calmly.

When the palace maid heard this, her face contorted slightly. “What do you mean? How dare you disrespect Her Highness the Pure Consort?”

The smile on the Pure Consort’s face faded. She looked at Lu Liangwei and said in a hostile manner, “Which family are you from?”

Lu Liangwei answered coolly, “The Grand Duke Family.”

The Pure Consort was a little taken aback when she heard this.

The palace maid looked a bit indignant but had quickly lost her earlier aggressiveness.

The Grand Duke Family was an unshakable presence within the imperial court and even the Great Shang Kingdom. The Dowager Duchess and the Duke held pivotal positions in the court. Moreover, the Heir Presumptive Lu Tingchen was regarded highly by the Emperor and was currently in the limelight.

Only a fool would try to offend the Grand Duke Family at this time.

The palace maid was a good enough judge of the situation and instantly kept her mouth shut.

Although everyone despised Lu Liangwei, they only dared to laugh at her behind her back.

After all, Lu Liangwei was the Grand Duke’s beloved treasure.

Offending her would be tantamount to offending the entire Grand Duke Family.

Apparently, Miss Wanru of the Qin family had offended Lu Liangwei at the Emperor’s birthday banquet. Not only did she cause the entire Qin family to be shunned by the Emperor, but she also somehow went mad all of a sudden. To cap it off, the whole Qin family left the imperial capital overnight for some unknown reason.

Although there was no evidence, everyone privately speculated that this matter was probably related to the Grand Duke Family.

A glint appeared in the Pure Consort’s eyes. A smile spread across her face and she waved her hand in dismissal. “So you’re Second Miss Lu. Please rise at once.”

Only then did Lu Liangwei straighten up.

The Pure Consort stepped forward and took Lu Liangwei’s hand affectionately. She looked around the surroundings once before asking, “What just happened here? Why is Second Miss Lu in a place like this?”

Lu Liangwei glanced at her as if she had not noticed the change in the woman’s attitude and replied quietly, “Your Highness, I went to the Eastern Palace to admire the flowers at the Crown Princess’s invitation. I was about to return, but my brother suddenly sent a messenger telling me to wait for him here so we could head back together.”

She paused for a bit, her gaze falling on the little palace maid who was still kneeling on the ground shivering, then she put on a sympathetic expression. “While this girl was leading the way for me, she accidentally fell into the lake. The weather now is still a bit chilly—she might catch a cold. I would like to ask Your Highness to summon an imperial physician to take a look at her.”

The Pure Consort glanced at the palace maid. She did not care much about the girl, but she was happy to do the Grand Duke’s daughter a favor.

“Cai Yu, bring her to the imperial hospital.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” the palace maid who had spoken earlier responded immediately and walked toward the little palace maid.

The little palace maid kept her head down and wrapped her arms around herself, appearing to be very cold.

Her efforts today had gone to waste. Not only did she fail to set up Lu Liangwei, but she also suffered an unnecessary dunking.

Discontentment flitted across her heart.

However, now that the situation had played out like this, there was nothing she could do.

Throwing wild accusations at Lu Liangwei?

She was just a little palace maid—nobody would believe her.

With some reluctance, she let Cai Yu lead her away.

Before leaving, she shot one last glance at Lu Liangwei and happened to meet Lu Liangwei’s dark, dazzling eyes.

The unusually calm eyes looked as if they had seen through something, arousing an inexplicable sense of uneasiness in the little palace maid’s heart.

The tingling sensation on her arm seemed to have returned after its momentary disappearance.

She was certain that she had been pricked by something just when she was about to push Lu Liangwei into the water.

‘Damn it, wasn’t Lu Liangwei supposed to be a good-for-nothing dimwit?’

She had thought that her task would have been simple, but she ended up causing such an unsightly incident.

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