Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 85 - It Was Necessary To Suffer Some Consequences

Chapter 85: It Was Necessary To Suffer Some Consequences

Even though Zhu Yu was rather unwilling she still stayed back in the end.

Lu Liangwei followed the little palace maid and left.

“Second Miss Lu, the place where the Prince is on duty is right at the front. We’ll be there soon,” the little palace maid turned around to address her after walking for a while. She was behaving a little too solicitous.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Okay.”

After walking for some distance, voices could be heard ahead. There was some commotion up front and it seemed like there were quite a number of people. The voices sounded like men speaking.

Lu Liangwei started to pay closer attention.

Right then, the little palace maid seemed to be walking too near to the edge. She tripped by accident and was about to fall into the lake when she pulled onto Lu Liangwei’s hand in a panic. “Second Miss Lu… Yikes!”

The little palace maid had wanted to use this opportunity to push Lu Liangwei into the water. Unexpectedly, she felt a sharp pain on her arm before she could take action, and her entire arm went numb in an instant.

Next, she felt a huge push and there was a loud plopping sound. She had fallen completely into the water.

Before the little palace maid could react, she had swallowed an entire mouthful of water.

Her face went deathly pale immediately. She kept waving her arms. “Second Miss Lu, I, I can’t swim, help, help me…”

Lu Liangwei stood at the shore as she stared calmly at the little palace maid who was bobbing up and down the water.

She knew how to swim, but she had no intention of jumping into the water to save someone who was trying to harm her.

However, although it was necessary for the little palace maid to suffer some consequences, she did not plan for her to die.

She gave the palace maid a cold look before shouting with all her might, “Somebody, please help, someone fell into the water…”

The commotion at the lake had garnered everyone’s attention from the start. When the cry of help rang out, footsteps were immediately heard.

Before Lu Liangwei could turn back to look, she saw a few figures appear from the back and some splashing could be heard as the people jumped into the water.

Lu Liangwei instantly understood what had happened as she watched a few men dressed in palace guards’ uniforms doing their best to bring the little palace maid to shore.

If Lu Liangwei was the one who had fallen into the water, the little palace maid would have also taken the opportunity to call for help. If that had happened, there would also be many men jumping into the water to save her.

The look in Lu Liangwei’s eyes turned cold.

A chilly smile appeared on her lips as she watched the few palace cavalries drag the little palace maid to shore.

This wretch might still be young, but she had such venomous intentions.

She had planned to take the chance to push Lu Liangwei into the water and get someone to save her in order to sully Lu Liangwei’s reputation.

Even though she might have fallen into the water by accident, after being saved by a large group of men, no one would take pity on her, and instead, this would damage her reputation.

She looked coldly at the little palace maid who was lying on the ground, sopping wet.

Her clothes were completely drenched and stuck to her body very closely. The curves on her figure could be seen clearly.

“What is this? What happened?”

Right then, a gentle and coy female voice was suddenly heard.

Lu Liangwei collected her thoughts and turned toward the source of the voice.

She saw a woman in her early twenties. The woman was wearing luxurious clothes from the palace and was walking toward Lu Liangwei gracefully while being surrounded by palace servants.

The woman’s gaze swept across all who were present and in the end, her gaze locked upon Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei could tell that the woman was giving her a sharp look.

As she tried to guess the identity of the woman, a palace maid behind the woman suddenly shouted out coldly, “Why aren’t you kneeling to greet the Pure Consort when you’re in her presence?”

The few palace cavalries and the little palace maid quickly knelt when they heard who they were dealing with. “We, lowly servants, greet the Pure Consort!”

When the palace maid who had shouted noticed Lu Liangwei had only given a curtsy, she said with certain haughtiness, “How dare you! Why aren’t you kneeling in front of the Pure Consort?”

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