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Chapter 84 - Adding Something To It

Chapter 84: Adding Something To It

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Lu Yunshuang looked grim and her expression was quite frightening. There was no sign of her usual noble and elegant demeanor she always held in front of others.

She stared darkly at Hong Xiu and finally spat in a rage, “That idiot Lu Liangwei actually dared to flaunt herself in front of me, the Crown Princess.”

Hong Xiu frowned. “That’s right. From what I can tell, Second Miss was doing it on purpose. She had taken the opportunity to mention Aunt Zheng’s situation in front of everyone. She was harboring bad intentions by voicing it out loud.”

Lu Yunshuang said coldly, “She must want everyone to take me as a laughing stock.”

Damn that Lu Liangwei!

Hong Xiu gave this some thought and said indignantly, “Does Second Miss think this is the Grand Duke Mansion? She’s in the Crown Princess’s domain and yet she dares to act with such disregard. How about I give her a taste of her own medicine?”

After letting off some steam, the anger within Lu Yunshuang had subsided substantially. She glanced at Hong Xiu when she heard those words. “What do you have in mind?”

A dark look crossed Hong Xiu’s eyes. “Second Miss’ reputation has been sullied here and there. I don’t think it will do much harm by adding something to it.”

A smile appeared on Lu Yunshuang’s lips. “Fine. We’ll do as you say, but it would be best that this does not happen in the Eastern Palace.”

Regardless, Lu Liangwei was still her sister. If something happened to Lu Liangwei in the Eastern Palace, it might raise suspicions on her.

Hong Xiu immediately acknowledged this. “Don’t worry, Crown Princess. I will handle this matter properly.”

Lu Liangwei found a corner for herself in the garden and took a seat.

She did not know these young noble ladies well and in addition to that, the original owner of her body did not have a great reputation. No one was willing to join her for any fun and she was not willing to force herself onto people who did not want her company. She might as well enjoy the peace and quiet.

She had angered Lu Yunshuang on purpose in order to get her to leave. That way, Lu Yunshuang would not be deliberately creating trouble for her during the Flower Admiring Banquet.

Without Lu Yunshuang around, Lu Liangwei was actually able to admire the flowers in the garden properly.

It was a rare occasion that Lu Yunshuang did not give her any trouble, even when the banquet ended. This surprised Lu Liangwei slightly.

Judging by Lu Yunshuang’s character, she would not have invited Lu Liangwei to this Flower Admiring Banquet for no reason. Lu Yunshuang must have prepared something to ensnare her.

However, Lu Yunshuang stayed quiet until the very end of the banquet, as if troubled by what had happened to Aunt Zheng.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her. Lu Yunshuang did not really care about Aunt Zheng. She was probably feeling anxious because what had happened with Aung Zheng had embarrassed her.

When the banquet ended, Lu Liangwei said her goodbyes and left the Eastern Palace after putting on a friendly façade with Lu Yunshuang.

However, she had just exited the Easter Palace when she found a little palace maid waiting for her. The palace maid quickly approached her when she spotted Lu Liangwei.

“Second Miss Lu, Prince Lu has sent me here to inform you to wait for him to return to the mansion together.”

Lu Liangwei looked at her in slight surprise, but maintained a calm expression when she replied, “Oh, what time is he able to return with me?”

“Probably in another hour. Prince Lu instructed me to escort you directly to him. Once he gets off duty, you can return home together,” the little palace maid said clearly.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Okay.”

An obscure look glinted in the eyes of the little palace maid as she led the way with confident ease.

Lu Liangwei gave this a thought and turned toward Zhu Yu as she said, “Wait here for me. We’ll come to pick you up later.”

Zhu Yu was worried. “I think it’s better if I went with you.”

At that moment, Hong Xiu came running out of the Easter Palace in a hurry. She breathed an obvious sigh of relief when she spotted Lu Liangwei. She smiled and said, “Second Miss, the Crown Princess has something she needs you to help pass to the Dowager Duchess.”

Lu Liangwei said in a friendly tone. “Sure. Zhu Yu, go along with Hong Xiu to take the item and wait for me here later.”

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