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Chapter 83 - Notorious Reputation

Chapter 83: Notorious Reputation

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Lu Yunshuang nearly fell to the ground, but fortunately for her, Hong Xiu was quick to act and steadied her.

Lu Liangwei looked at her with a worried expression. “Big Sis, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me!”

Lu Yunshuang glanced at her and when she saw that scared and worried look on Lu Liangwei’s face, she felt a bloody sweet taste in her throat.

The others started surrounding her when they saw what had transpired. “Crown Princess, you must take care of yourself…”

Lu Yunshuang wanted to maintain her image of being a noble and dignified Crown Princess, but she currently did not have the strength to do so.

It was because of the news brought to her by Lu Liangwei. She was unable to accept the sheer magnitude of the shock at that moment.

Her mother was in trouble, but why did no one bother to inform her?

She had no idea that Lu Hetian had instructed others to put the information on lockdown. All of Aunt Zheng’s confidantes were also being closely watched, which naturally, ended up with them unable to bring any news into the Palace for her.

Lu Yunshuang pulled herself together, but the smile on her face was very forced. “I am fine…”

“Big Sis, are you really okay? You look quite terrible. Do we need to get the imperial physician to take a look at you?” Lu Liangwei looked at her anxiously.

The fingers hidden within Lu Yunshuang’s sleeve clenched quietly.

Those who were not aware would have thought the sisters were very close, based on Lu Liangwei’s actions.

She suddenly grabbed Lu Liangwei’s hand and said doubtfully and hesitantly, “Is it true what you’re saying? Aunt Zheng, she…”

Lu Liangwei nodded and replied with consolation, “Of course, it’s true. Father probably did not want you to worry, which was why he had not sent anyone to inform you about it. However, Aunt Zheng had really crossed the line this time and angered Father tremendously, which was why she was sent away. Please don’t worry too much about it.”

Lu Yunshuang frowned.

She did not understand what Aunt Zheng could have done to make Father so angry as to send her away so discreetly.

She was feeling very anxious, but at the same time, she was aware of the circumstance they were in now. She could only force herself to calm down.

She was not really worried about what would happen to Aunt Zheng. More importantly, she was a noble Crown Princess and her mother had been sent away for wrongdoing. This would make Lu Yunshuang a laughing stock in the private eyes of others.

She was frustrated at this thought.

Why would Aunt Zheng commit such a mistake at this point?

She was still planning on how to convince Father to make Aunt Zheng the principal wife.

Yet now…

“Big Sis, you really do look quite terrible. Why don’t you take a rest first?” Lu Liangwei’s worried voice rang out once again as it interrupted her thoughts.

Lu Yunshuang glanced at her and realized everyone present had a hidden gleam in their eyes. Her heart tightened at the sight and she followed suit with Lu Liangwei’s suggestion. “It’s just as well. I will take a rest first. The banquet will start soon and I will come to chat with Lil Sis then.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head, looking quite considerate and obedient. “Big Sis, your health is more important. There is no need to force yourself if you’re feeling unwell. There’s a lot of people present, anyway. I can have fun with them instead.”

Lu Yunshuang sneered secretly when she heard those words.

With Lu Liangwei’s notorious reputation, those people would abhor getting close to her, let alone join her for any fun.

“Okay, I’ll leave Lil Sis to take care of things here then.” A smile appeared on Lu Yunshuang’s lips.

“Okay, be careful, Big Sis,” Lu Liangwei reacted with a similar smile.

Lu Yunshuang took one look at her and finally left while holding onto Hong Xiu’s hand.

When she had finally returned to her room, Lu Yunshuang finally could not hold it in as she smashed a piece of superior porcelain placed on the table onto the floor.

Hong Xiu was shocked. However, she knew why Lu Yunshuang was losing her temper and quickly calmed down as she attempted to console her, “Crown Princess, let’s not be anxious. We’re not aware of what has happened yet. Let me try to uncover some information before judging the situation.”

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