Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 82 - How Shameless

Chapter 82: How Shameless

Lin Qingyuan’s face went a few shades paler and she stammered distractedly, “No, it can’t be.”

Even though Lu Liangwei sympathized with her somewhat, Lin Qingyuan was not a kind character.

For instance, Lin Qingyuan’s malevolent attitude toward her during the Emperor’s birthday banquet rather limited the sympathy Lu Liangwei was willing to show her.

“Just have a look around Drunk Fragrance Pavilion. You’ll understand better.” Lu Liangwei left her there after leaving these words filled with nothing but bad intentions.

As this was a Flower Admiring Banquet, the feast was naturally set up within the garden.

The garden of the Eastern Palace may not compare to the imperial garden, but the flower variety was still considered quite bountiful.

It was now the Spring season and the garden was filled with hundreds of blooming flowers fighting for the chance to shine in dazzling beauty. It was too beautiful to take it all in at once.

When Lu Liangwei followed Hong Xiu into the garden, she saw many young noble ladies have arrived.

They were gathered at one spot as they discussed the breed and beauty of the flowers. It was quite a crowd.

Lu Yunshuang was surrounded in the middle by a group of people. She had a demure and dignified smile on her face that bore the air of a Crown Princess.

She spotted Lu Liangwei approaching from afar, and something flashed deep within her eyes.

She waited until Lu Liangwei was near before stepping away from the crowd surrounding her. She held Lu Liangwei’s hands affectionately.

“Lil Sis, why did you arrive so late? I thought you wouldn’t come.”

Lu Liangwei pulled her hand away without skipping a beat. “Big Sis had summoned me here, how could I refuse your invite?”

With that, she gave a perfunctory curtsy toward Lu Yunshuang. “Weiwei greets the Crown Princess!”

Lu Yunshuang held her up with perfect timing. “Lil Sis, you’re not an outsider, there’s no need for such formalities with me in the future.”

“Really?” Lu Liangwei looked at her delightfully.

Lu Yunshuang was instantly stunned. It was nothing but polite words that she had uttered for the benefit of displaying it to others.

However, many people in attendance were watching. Even though she was slightly annoyed by this, she still nodded. “Of course, really.”

“Big Sis is the best. So, I won’t need to curtsy to Big Sis anymore when I see you in the future?” Lu Liangwei looked at her with pure innocence.

Lu Yunshuang suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

If Lu Liangwei does not curtsy to her in the future when they meet, how could she show off her superior status?

“Lil Sis must be so happy because of the Crown Prince, aren’t you? Don’t worry, the Crown Prince will be here soon after he is done with the imperial court,” Lu Yunshuang patted Lu Liangwei’s hand as she made a show of speaking in a hushed voice when in fact, it was loud enough to be heard by those standing at the side.

Those who were listening in intently felt even more condescending toward Lu Liangwei.

How could this Lu Liangwei still not have given up on the Crown Prince? How shameless!

Lu Liangwei looked at that pretty face of Lu Yunshuang and her lips curled upward. “I’m so happy that Big Sis exempted me from curtsying, but why would you organize this Flower Admiring Banquet at such a time?”

Lu Yunshuang looked at her with some confusion. “Why would Lil Sis say such words? Is there a reason I shouldn’t be organizing this Flower Admiring Banquet?”

Lu Liangwei sighed. “You’re the Crown Princess now. By right, you can do anything that makes you happy. But seeing that Aunt Zheng is now in trouble, aren’t you even worried about her?”

Lu Yunshuang’s heart plummeted. “Aunt Zheng is in trouble? What happened to her?”

Lu Liangwei looked at her with some astonishment. “Big Sis, don’t you know?”

Lu Yunshuang clenched hard at the handkerchief in her hand. “I’ve been in the Eastern Palace all this while. How could I be aware of the happenings in the Grand Duke Mansion?”

Lu Liangwei continued sighing. “That’s right. You’re now the esteemed Crown Princess. Why would you even bother with what happens in a minor place such as our Grand Duke Mansion?”

Lu Yunshuang’s expression almost fell. “That was not what I meant…”

“Aunt Zheng crossed the line with Father and was sent to the temple. Sigh, I really do hope Aunt Zheng would be able to meditate sincerely in the temple and come to her senses soon,” Lu Liangwei’s quick reply interrupted Lu Yunshuang’s words.

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