Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 81 - Willingness To Accept The Sad Situation

Chapter 81: Willingness To Accept The Sad Situation

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Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrow at Hong Xiu’s affectionate manner and looked at Zhu Yu.

Zhu Yu’s lips twitched. She was not as accustomed to pretense as Hong Xiu was.

Hong Xiu had never liked attending to the Miss, yet the look on her face displayed so much cheerfulness one would think that Lu Liangwei was Hong Xiu’s mistress.

Hong Xiu was as much of a fake as her mistress, Lu Yunshuang, was!

“Big Sis Hong Xiu, it’s too much trouble for you. Let me handle it,” Zhu Yu still felt grudging, but she remembered Miss’ words to her.

If Hong Xiu could put up an act, she would not let herself fall behind.

Zhu Yu displayed an insincere smile on her face and smartly pushed away Hong Xiu as she tried to approach. Zhu Yu clutched Lu Liangwei’s arm and said, “Miss, let me help you up the carriage.”

“Okay.” A smile flashed deep within Lu Liangwei’s eyes as she allowed Zhu Yu to help her up the carriage.

Hong Xiu stood behind as she eyed Zhu Yu, slightly perplexed.

Zhu Yu used to be a simpleton who handled situations carelessly without a trace of intelligence because her mistress was pampered by the Grand Duke.

She would spout mean and cruel words whenever she was with them. Zhu Yu might revel in the delight of those words, but she was unaware that her actions would only impact the Second Miss negatively. It gave others the impression of the Second Miss being a horrible bully, especially when even her servants were brave enough to step on the First Miss, although it would serve nothing but to make First Miss look even more innocent and pitiful in the eyes of others.

She was more than happy to let Zhu Yu have her stupid way. After all, her moronic actions had convinced others to despise Second Miss and sympathize with First Miss.

However, today, Zhu Yu seemed to be acting differently than usual.

Could it be that she was now wary of First Miss’ current status of being the Crown Princess? Was that why she had learned to know when to step back and no longer dared to act blatantly?

Hong Xiu felt quite pleased with this thought.

So what if Second Miss was adored and pampered by the Grand Duke? Hong Xiu’s mistress was the Crown Princess who would be the motherly model of the entire nation in the future.

As the carriage was dispatched from the Eastern Palace, it was allowed to enter directly into the Palace and only stopped when it arrived outside the Eastern Palace gates.

Lu Liangwei stepped down from the carriage and bumped into Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Qingyuan was momentarily taken aback, but then a meaningful look flashed in her eyes.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her, but did not approach. Instead, she entered the Eastern Palace without delay.

Lin Qingyuan clenched her teeth as she watched Lu Liangwei’s back. In the end, she decided to catch up to her.

However, Lu Liangwei was moving quite fast and it was a little difficult for her to catch up. She had no choice but to call out, “Lu Liangwei.”

Lu Liangwei paused her steps and turned back with her head cocked to the side. She did not say a word.

Lin Qingyuan slowed down her steps with her eyes lowered. It was impossible to tell what she was thinking about.

When she got closer, she spoke up hesitantly, “Lu Liangwei, those words you said to me during the Emperor’s birthday banquet, what did you mean by them?”

Lu Liangwei swept a glance at her and noticed a shade of paleness through her flushing cheeks. Lin Qingyuan had lost her usual intimidating pose and was now looking slightly haggard.

Lu Liangwei could not help raising her brows. She knew what Lin Qingyuan was thinking, but pretended not to understand. “I’ve said many things that day. I wonder which words are you referring to?”

Lin Qingyuan clenched the handkerchief in her hand and said with slight agitation, “Lu Liangwei, you know very well what I meant.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head, disregarding Lin Qingyuan. “I’m not sure at all. Who would take the time to remember specific words spoken at a specific time?”

Lin Qingyuan glared at her.

Lu Liangwei sneered and ignored her. She was about to leave when Lin Qingyuan grabbed her arm. “I won’t let you go until you explain yourself!”

Lu Liangwei glanced at the hands grabbing her arm and said casually, “In truth, you already have an answer to that, but you’re just not willing to believe it. Why come asking me when you already know?”

Lin Qingyuan’s face went pale.

Lu Liangwei looked at her with some sympathy.

Lin Qingyuan may only be a minor character in the book, but her deep feelings for Chen Xuping had been mentioned. Alas, Chen Xuping only had eyes for the main female character, Lu Yunshuang.

Even if Lu Yunshuang would not respond to his adoration, he was willing to accept the unfortunate situation and give her everything he had.

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