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Chapter 80 - We May Not Be The Best, But We Can’t Lose Out So Easily Either

Chapter 80: We May Not Be The Best, But We Can’t Lose Out So Easily Either

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He shook his head. After carrying her to her bed, he instructed Zhu Yu to take care of her before he returned to his own place.

When Lu Liangwei woke up the next day, her head still hurt a little. Zhu Yu came into her room with a bowl of hangover remedy.

“Miss, the Prince has specifically instructed to prepare this hangover remedy for you.”

Lu Liangwei felt helpless as her fingers pressed against her forehead.

The original owner of this body was too weak. She had only drunk two cups last night and it ended up with her passing out from being drunk. Even till now, her head continued to ache.

She took the hangover remedy from Zhu Yu’s hands and drank without saying a word.

Lu Liangwei felt much better after drinking the remedy and cleaning herself up.

Zhu Yu approached her with an invitation in her hand. “Miss, the Eastern Palace sent over an invitation yesterday evening. I didn’t dare disturb you as you were busy in the medicinal room. After that, the Prince came to see you and I forgot about it.”

Lu Liangwei took the invitation from her and opened it. She skimmed through the content and threw it on the table.

It was an invitation for her to visit the Eastern Palace today that was made in the name of Lu Yunshuang, under the pretext of admiring flowers.

“Miss, are you attending?” Zhu Yu snuck some glances at Lu Liangwei’s face as she asked carefully.

Lu Liangwei thought about it and nodded. “Let’s go. The Crown Princess has personally extended an invitation to me. If I don’t attend, she may impose a crime of contempt on me.”

Zhu Yu felt slightly upset for Lu Liangwei when she heard her reply. “Miss, if you don’t feel like attending, there is no need to force yourself. We can be absent by pretending to be sick.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Lu Yunshuang is inviting me over by suddenly organizing a Flower Admiring Banquet. If I claim to be sick and reject attending, she would never give up trying to invite me over.”

Just as she expected, it was not too long when the servants came announcing that the Crown Princess had sent someone to pick her up to the Eastern Palace. The carriage was already waiting outside the mansion gates.

Zhu Yu said with annoyance. “What does this Lu Yunshuang have up her sleeves?”

Lu Liangwei gave her a reminder when she saw Zhu Yu behaving so indignantly. “Zhu Yu, Lu Yunshuang is now the Crown Princess. You can’t be treating her the same way you did before. It’s fine for you to comment as such in front of me, but if you get too comfortable with it and let slip those words when in front of Lu Yunshuang, it would be very easy for her to find you guilty of something then.”

Zhu Yu might be unwilling to heed those words when she heard them, but she still nodded obediently. “I understand, Miss. I’m just letting off steam in front of you. I won’t be so silly.”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “It’s good that you understand.”

With that, she stood up and headed outside. “Let’s go.”

Zhu Yu gave it a thought and pulled her. “I think First Miss must want to show off in front of you by suddenly inviting you into the Eastern Palace. Miss, you should take the time to dress up prettily. We may not be the best, but we can’t lose out so easily either.”

“You’re quite right. Although, if I dress up so extravagantly to attend the banquet, others might think that I’m still harboring hope for the Crown Prince,” Lu Liangwei said, rejecting her suggestion directly.

“Well, aren’t you?” Zhu Yu blinked as she looked at Lu Liang innocently.

Lu Liangwei frowned and purposely gave her an unhappy look as she asked, “What do you think?”

Zhu Yu swallowed when she saw her Miss’ slightly displeased adorable face. She shook her head. “I must have been worrying for nothing. Miss has lost interest in the Crown Prince long ago.”

Lu Liangwei’s expression improved slightly. “It’s good that you understand.”

With that, she ignored Zhu Yu and walked out of her room.

Outside the mansion gates, Hong Xiu was waiting next to the carriage. She immediately went forward in welcome and said affectionately, “Second Miss, you’re finally out. The Crown Princess had specially instructed me to take you to the Eastern Palace for a gathering.”

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