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Chapter 77 - She Could Not Let Long Yang Die

Chapter 77: She Could Not Let Long Yang Die

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When poisoned with Frostbite, no matter how mighty the person was, they would become like a deflated ball and failed to summon any more energy.

So did this mean that the Emperor had never bedded any consorts in the harem?

Long Yang did not seem like a person who had been poisoned with Frostbite.

However, his blood did contain the Frostbite poison.

Moreover, through examining Long Yang, she was sure that he did not have much time left.

His body was severely impaired, and the toxin was already nearing his heart and would soon erode it entirely.

When that time came, even a powerful god would not be able to save his life.

Long Yang was well aware of how critical his condition was, or else he would not have allowed her to examine and experiment on him.

Even if it was for Lu Tingchen, she wanted to cure Long Yang’s illness. Moreover, as long as Long Yang was on the throne, that jerk Long Chi would never be able to fulfill his dream of ascending it.

For this reason, she could not let Long Yang die.

While pondering all these quickly in her mind, she took a brush and scribbled a list of medicinal materials down on paper.

After writing the prescription, she went out of the medicinal room right away and summoned Zhu Yu.

“Go to Hanging Pot Medical Hall and get the medicine according to this prescription.”

Zhu Yu nodded. “Okay, Miss.”

Just when Aunt Zheng was sure that Lu Liangwei would intercede with Lu Hetian for her for the sake of being together with Long Chi, two burly women suddenly barged into her courtyard.

“Madam Zheng, please come with us.” The women were extremely well-built, and they stood there looking at her with a poker face.

Aunt Zheng was shocked and immediately thought of Lu Hetian’s warning. A feeling of disbelief washed over her.

Did Lu Hetian really want to send her away?

Just because she had set up Lu Liangwei at the birthday banquet?

But Lu Liangwei was alright, was she not?

How could he be so unforgiving?

Besides, Lu Liangwei had promised to intercede for her, did she not?

Seeing her standing still without any response, the expression on her face ever-changing, the women could not help feeling a little impatient. “Madam Zheng, do you want to walk on your own, or do you need us to help you?”

Aunt Zheng came back to her senses and pointed at them, shrieking, “Are you rebelling now? Are you going to use force on me?”

The two women looked at each other and stepped forward right away. One of them covered her mouth while the other twisted her arms, then they lifted her and strode outside without another word.

Both of them answered directly to Lu Hetian’s orders and possessed sturdy figures. No matter how hard Aunt Zheng struggled, she could not free herself of them.

Aunt Zheng’s eyes were wide open in shock. She could not believe that Lu Hetian could be this cold-hearted.

Although Lu Hetian did not love her, she had always thought that her hard work would be recognized after being by his side all these years. Even if it was for Shuang’er’s sake, he should not treat her this way.

However, he could be that cruel to her for Lu Liangwei’s sake.

Once she was sent to the temple in the suburbs, it would be difficult for her to come back again.

In the temple, one could only live on scanty meals and spend time praying.

Over these years, she had long been accustomed to a life of luxury and flattery. There was no way she would dream of living such an insufferable life in the temple.

Thinking of this, she struggled even more violently.

However, these two women carried her as if they were carrying a chick. It was useless no matter how hard she struggled.

Soon, Aunt Zheng was put into a carriage and sent off to the suburbs.

Lu Liangwei was surprised when she heard the news.

She had not expected Lu Hetian to act so fast.

However, that was all she felt. People like Aunt Zheng were undeserving of her sympathy.

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